is it true?

  1. eBay bought paypal and they share informations?
  2. Yes, it's true. eBay has owned PayPal for about 5 years now.
  3. Yeah-they didn't have enough of our money-they needed more!
  4. lol. Seriously.
  5. Yup... it's been that way for a while now. Suspended paypal = suspended eBay (and probably vice versa?). Both paypay and ebay have me paranoid. When someone pays for a high ticket item, I'm always afraid paypal will be limited. I just got a merchant account to process credit cards.
  6. That's why they are pushing for people to use paypal and essentially *forcing* sellers to accept paypal because buyers are no longer protected by ebay. This way they get double the fees!!!
  7. Oh yeah and the guy who sold Paypal made a ton of money!
  8. Yep, its true! Ebay and Paypal is making a killing on sellers... Why didnt I think of that, LoL

  9. how do you get a merchant account? is it hard to start and is it expensive?
  10. :wtf: I really didn't know this until today ..... Ebay fees and Paypal fees they really are making a fortune!
  11. Yes, they share information when it helps them. Other times, if it doesn't help them, they look the other way.