Is it true?

  1. I recently watched the documentary "Sicko". Now, I have to be honest, I have nothing against Micheal Moore....but it all seems too good to be true. Can anyone tell me if Britains and French get mostly free health care?

    I am asking because my FH and I are just both so overwhelmed with the cost of health care, and neither of us have good insurance. In fact, his work does not have any at all, and my work does not provide eye/dental ins. His teeth are frighteningly bad, I know he needs several root canals, and I am so worried that one will get abcessed and no one will care for him because we have no money! I have not had a gyno or eye checkup in years, and he has never been to the eye doctor/dentist at all (his family was very poor growing up). I feel like our pets get far better health care than us because it is cheaper!

    **I'm very sorry for the emotional post, but I just got so overwhelmed**
  2. Oh sweetie, I am sorry to hear about your dilemma :sad:
  3. I don't live in France or Great Britain, but from what I have heard from people who live in those countries, socialized health care isn't all it's cracked up to be. It take a lot of time and red tape before you can see a specialist for anything more serious than a cold. Also, taxes are outrageously high in those countries, so it's not really free. You pay for it in other ways. Again, I am just going on what others have told me. I could be wrong, but you know the saying, "There's no such thing as a free lunch..."
  4. I always think the same thing! I have had my dog overnight in the ER vet and it was like $500. If I had the same thing happen it would easily be way over $5,000.

    I don't have health insurance. I am an independent contractor with pre-existing conditions, so basically I just get screwed. I wish I could just get on a group plan like those who are employees of large companies. n Shoot, I'd be happy with medicaid. I knew someone who was able to get on Medicaid when she got pregnant and it was very affordable and she got good care. But I make too much to receive it. Why can't they just open up that system to anyone who can't get insurance and give us an affordable option?

    It's really sad when the only insurance I could get would be a state issue plan for those who have been denied coverage and the monthly expense would be more than the payment on my Lexus! That is f-ed up. I don't mind paying for healthcare, but it should be affordable and available to EVERYONE!
  5. I agree Zophie! My sister-in-law is on Medicaid while pregnant because she does not work. They send a nurse out to check on her every two weeks and pay for everything! The most I have ever spent on my dog is the $147 it cost to get her spayed. My last pair of glasses (2 yrs ago) cost me $400 on the cheapest frame I could find!
  6. Armcandyluvr, I understand what you mean by "no free lunch". I'm sure there's a catch to everything. I just got desperate when the dentist quoted us around $1300 for ONE root canal.
  7. My brother lives in England and his wife is from Portugal. Given that Portugal a member of the European Union, they are considered residents of the UK. While it's true that their taxes are higher, their health care is totally covered through the taxes they pay. They pay nothing to see a doctor. My brother has also needed to see specialists and the waits have not been extraordinarily long. I can tell you I've had to wait several weeks to see certain specialists here in the US....

    No system is perfect, but I think that we Americans need to realize that we do not have the best system. There are other health care options that have merit. It's time to take the 'profit' out of health care. We should all have access and no one should have to loose the shirts off their back or be tossed into the poor house for 'committing the sin' of getting sick.
  8. Its such a shame that any AMerican could be denied healthcare.I find that such a problem in the USA.Im lucky to have a family working in healthcare..With my medical probs.....I cant imagine what my doctor bills would be without my amazing coverage.
    US needs a healthcare reform..IN A BIG WAY.I used to work in health care..In a PHILADELPHIA.It broke my heart to see babies born with illnesses that could have been prevented with the proper healthcare...unfortunately alot of these patients couldnt afford it.
    Health care coverage is crucial in the USA....One illness or hospitalization...and it costs thousands.

  9. I couldn't agree with you more!!!!
  10. Miamor, Just how much more are the taxes there? Too bad that it just hit me.....If I don't have enough money for healthcare, well, then I certainly don't have the money to relocate!
  11. I live in Canada and no our healthcare is not FREE> We pay via taxes. We also pay each month for extended health benefits. No system is perfect. I don't think anyone can argue the fact that the US needs a wake up call for a better system. I am a dual citizen and have seen pros and cons from both countries.
  12. I don't understand our healthcare system at all. It's messed up. I don't understand how an ex convict gets free healthcare and I cannot get anyone to even THINK about taking me because I had cancer 2 years ago.
  13. Yes, it pretty much is true. I'm not sure of the French & Canadian system, but here is how it pretty much works in Germany.

    If you have a "registered" (angemeldet) job, then you pay into the healthcare system. When you pay into it, you are automatically insured until the German health care system. So no, it is not free, but you don't get an extra bill for it. I am with the AOK, and I'm not sure if it's the same for all public insurance companies in Germany, but if I don't have a contract/agreement with a doctor, then I have to pay 10 EUR per quarter. So, that means if I have to go to the regular doctor, I pay 10 EUR, and if he sends me to a specialist, I pay another 10 EUR unless he gives me a referal. You can choose to sign an agreement, stating that you only pay 10EUR per year. This means that when you need to go to the doctor, you can only go to the doctor that you signed the agreement with, unless you want to pay 10 EUR.
  14. Absolutely. My uncle had a heart attack when he was 35 and they did not have health insurance since it was too expensive for them. He also needed a triple bypass, which was not cheap. They received the bill 2 months later. In the end, they ended up having to sell their house, move into a much smaller house with 2 young children, and my grandmother paid their mortgage and medical bills (and eventually health insurance) because they could not afford it. Naturally, they paid her back everything that they could - but it's just too sad that a family would be put in such a situation
  15. There are a multitude of issues with healthcare in the US. But universal healthcare is NOT a good option in this country. Look at it this way. There is no denying the fact that countries WITH universal healthcare have some delays in getting diagnostic testing or seeing a specialist. If you apply that to the US it will be even worse. My wife for example needed to have an ultrasound done ASAP per the ER and Surgeon due to what ended up being SEVERE gall stones. We both were employed at this hospital (yes, it is unfortunate, but Hospital employees get better treatment then others), and we were told it would be at least one to one and a half months before she could get in for an ultrasound. In the mean time she was apparently suppose to be in either severe pain or on pain killers non-stop. I was lucky enough to call in a favor from a friend that was head of CT surgery.

    Another issue is just how much a PITA it is to get Medicaid or Medacare to payout anything. When I was a firefighter/medic my department would get 80% of our claims denied. Apparently some employee looking over run reports deemed most things as not medically necessary (regarding our treatments or transport to the hospital). It got so bad we had to forbid all medics from righting down the words: Ambulate, walk, own power, and within normal limits. The reason for this was because we had a medicaid claim denied because the patient could have gone by other means. The ONLY reason this was denied is because we had written that the patient ambulated to the ambulance under their own power. Now, what is hilarious is that if you read further into the run report it stated that the patient coded in the back of the bus enroute to the hospital. Sure, there was NO medical reason to transport them via ambulance :rolleyes:.

    The compounding issue is the amount of people that do NOT have a primary care provider. These people often times flood the ER with things that could, and SHOULD, be treated at their primary care or a clinic.

    Sadly, alot of this is due to social and ethnic beliefs. My wife helped to teach prenatal care to inner city minority women (while working on her Master's degree in Nursing). She was told, after trying to politely correct something a guest speaker had said (this speaker was for a lack of a better word, an IDIOT), that "What would she know? She is just a spoiled little white girl." Yes, what WOULD my wife know. She only has a degree in healthcare and has been working in L&D, Post-Partum, and NICU care for several years. Of course when the other nurse she was working with, whom was a minority herself, repeated what my wife said EVERYONE believed her.:push:

    In general there is just way to much distrust towards most healthcare workers, and there is a lack of accountability in people. Look people, it is NOT my fault that you get sicker if you refuse my treatment. Do not blame me for your ignorance, arogance, or distrust. I merely am trying to help, as that is my job and highest priority in your treatment.

    Of course, I could go ON and ON about the cost of malpractice insurance for physicians, but I will just say this. A friends father just retired from being a surgeon. He has to keep malpractice insurance for five years now (while he is retired and not practicing). The cost is $120K a YEAR. Please, I would LOVE to hear from someone how this is even remotely makes sense.

    Yes, it is easy for people in healthcare to become money hungary....infact, it is as easy as it is for people to sue a provider versus thanking them.