Is it True?

  1. As i was searching through this forum I came upon the news that Chanel is going to discontinue the Cambon Line....Is that true? If so I think I would have to hurry up and buy the bag that I wanted....Any helpful info. is appreciated :smile:
  2. I think so far it is only the pink color that is being discontinued :smile: Or has already been, they only have what is in stock and won't be receiving anymore of that color
  3. oh ok :smile:

    thanks dear for clearing things up :idea:
  4. I called the Chanel 800 # ( I must call every day!) and they said it is not being discontinued. I hope they're right - I love the line.
  5. Pink has been discontinued since last year. but they still have some pink in stock in some areas. :smile:
  6. Thanks lainie and May. I appreciate your help :smile:
  7. I can't imagine that they'd discontinue a line that is still so popular...sales must still be going strong!
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