Is It True?

  1. Does the older black stam have rasberry lining with brass hardware? and the newer one have cream lining with gold hardware??

    I'm so confused. I really like the stam but i can't find a site that tells me how to spot a fake?!?!

    Also can anyone tell me what colour lining the petrol stam has?

    To all those lucky ladies who have actually seen these in real life.... What is your fave colour?

    I have so many questions....

    Thank you so much ladies, In advance!!!!:smile: :heart:
  2. If you post this in the authenticate this thread someone will be able to help you
  3. fendifan,

    there are all sorts of variations of linings between seasons and whether the bag was bought at an MJ store or dept store.

    I would suggest that you post lots of photos in the auth this thread. the girls there are awesome and will be able to give you an idea of where the details look correct.

    some of them may have the bag you're looking at and be able to compare with their actual bag as well.

    good luck!
  4. Thankyou so uch ladies, i will do this. :roflmfao: