Is it true ....

  1. that when you are pregnant, your feet will swell and increase in size?
    But the worst is people told me that they will never go back to their original size????????

    What will happen to all my shoes then!!!
  2. for most of us, yes.
    I only gained 27 lbs w/ one pregnancy and 29 lbs w/ my twins and my feet grew .5 size each time, I'm almost a full size bigger today than I was pre-children.
    It doesn't happen to everyone, but I'd suspect it happens to most women.
  3. That's what my mom says...........:shrugs:
  4. happened to me, my sister and I know it happened to my MIL as well.
  5. I gained 25 lbs w/ my twins and my feet didn't grow at all. Still the same size I always was. It's different for everyone.
  6. Didn't happen to me, and I gained a lot (but lost it all again, maybe they would have been bigger if I hadn't lost it all, cos during the pregnancy they were 2 full size bigger!!).
  7. Yes, I think about that woefully every now and again while admiring my shoes. Then, I scream at my BF, "FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO CARRY YOUR SEED!" Needless to say, this doesn't go over very well with the BF. :shrugs:

    If I'm between sizes (and I almost always am), I purchase the larger ones and pad 'em. Hopefully, if my feet do enlarge (say a prayer, won't you?) I'll still most likely be okay! My mum says it didn't happen to her (she gained under 20 pounds each time she was preggers) so I'm hoping I inherited that! :p
  8. MY foot got bigger each child-and I had FOUR!!! I started out a 6 1/2, 7 and now I wear an 8!!! Don't worry, this doesn't happen to everyone...
  9. My feet went back to it's normal size after the birth of both my boys, but they did swell more so the second go round!
  10. My feet mainly got wider during my pregnancy. I went from a 6.5-7M to a 7-7.5 wide. And the weird part was they stayed that way...until last year (my son will be 10 in August). Suddenly all of my 7.5's were too big, and now I'm back into a 7M and the occasional 6.5. So, darn, I had to go out and buy new shoes! :p
  11. Yes... but you'll be back to your regular size after :smile:
  12. I gained 18 lbs with the first and about 15 with the second ( I would have gained more with the second but he was 3 months early! ARGH) and it didn't happen with me. However, I know MORE women though that it has happened to than not!! One GF went up 1.5 sizes!
  13. It did not happen to me. My feet are exactly the same size as they were before I was pregnant (6.5 or 37). I gained about 30 with the first and 32 with the second. And he was 10 pounds!
  14. There's just no telling. My feet were really swollen during pg and went up in size. But about a year after my third and last baby, my feet settled in at 1/2 size bigger than they were originally. Not ideal, but much better than the full size to 1-1/2 size up I though they would stay at!
  15. I didn't know this happened to feet!

    On the side, does anyone know if cobblers can make a shoe bigger?