is it true the Stam comes in Gray this season?

  1. I searched through the threads and came across 'Fall 2007 colors' and it mentioned that the stam comes in gray!!

    By any chance, does anyone have a photo?? Would love to see how it looks like.
  2. yes, the stam does come in grey this season! it used to be available on, but i think it's sold out on the site. i can't find the pictures anymore. luckily, i had posted a pic in one of my previous threads, so here it is:


    i was considering buying this bag at one point. i ended up going with a different style, but the same color. it is the PERFECT shade of grey; not too light, not too dark. it's really beautiful and looks so great with the gold hardware. i love it so much, i have the grey zc too! i hope you end up getting it. i would like to see actual pics of this bag and not just a stock photo.
  3. me too! i would love to see a real picture, not a stock photo. the NM exclusive stam is also grey too, right? but with metallic silver accents?

    tadpole, is your grey ZC the same color as the picture above? i mean, is the picture a good representation of the color? i've been thinking about asking for the quilted grey ZC (or the iphone-heehee) for christmas. :p
  4. DOH! i'm retarded...i posted in your thread about your new quilted grey ZC, tadpolenyc! bad. so i saw the pic in there...=)
  5. I have purchased these two::heart:

    1. Mouse Hobo stam
    2. Patchwork Elise Slate
    Mj HOBO STAM MOUSE 003.jpg marcjacobseliseslate 001.jpg
  6. [​IMG]Also~ There is this one in "dove" on
    I think this one is HOT!:love:
  7. haha! i hope you end up getting either the iphone or the grey zc or, better yet, both!'s picture is actually a pretty good representation of the color. i would say it's true to real life. i used to have the mouse zc, and i would say that the grey is a shade darker than the mouse. it's a very versatile color.
  8. thanks, tadpole! heehee...isn't there a lighter grey quilted ZC? i thought there was one that matched the light grey of the soft calf bags from resort 07...but i could be wrong? this grey in the pic above looks somewhat brownish grey to me, not pure grey?
  9. Shopbop just added the grey stam!