Is it true that...

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  1. Is it true that ALL MJ bags both MBMJ and MJ have ONLY Lampo and RiRi zippers? I have seen some authentic MJ bags with the YKK zipper and I just wanted to get your thoughts.

  2. we generally don't give out authentication tips and advice on the boards since this is a public forum and there are lurkers who can use that info to produce "better" counterfeit bags.

    I will say that "generally" speaking, MbyMJ bags don't use Lampo or riri zippers, altho the brand may vary (depending on the bag, style, leather, etc)
  3. No, that is not true. :nogood: Only MJ collection bags have Riri and/or Lampo zippers, but there have been a couple of rare exceptions.
  4. Thanks guys- because I have seen other zippers on MJ bags also which is what made me post the question. Also, I remember reading somewhere that one particular MJ bag NOT MBMJ had a YKK that's what made me post.
  5. ^ That's true, but it really is something like one or two types of bags amongst hundreds.