Is it true that there are no more podium orders?

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  1. I asked about placing an order when the next podium meets, and was told that Hermes is not taking any orders. I could tell my SA what styles/colors I am interested in and she would relay that to her manager, and he could take that into consideration when he orders, but there are no orders being accepted. Can it be true? Or are they restricting PO's for VIP's?
  2. My SA referred to placing POs next year when I saw him today.
  3. Luv2shop, if you are referring to the store I'm thinking then "yes". Oh well, I'll PM you!
  4. That store may be restricting their podium orders, but Hermes is not doing away with podium orders in general. I just placed two this month.
  5. second this and congrats may your orders go through :flowers:
  6. I'll third it. I just asked about February today.
  7. Thanks, lilach! :smile: I've got my fingers crossed.
  8. Thought I'd add to this thread, and give a bit of a perspective to how things are done differently in Asia. Not all stores entertain podium orders. What I mean by that is that the store managers typically place "store" orders, stuff that THEY think will move (combos with great sales track record), and this is irrespective of customer's requests. Buying trips are all about making good business decisions. The buyers must make sure whatever they buy, gets sold, so their stores can be ranked high in the league table. POs are therefore also very controlled .... and only offered to regular customers, whom the stores know that the customers will definitely buy what they order. Customers who had in the past, placed POs and yet not bought what they ordered ... well, they are ..... frown upon. So it's not like anyone can walk in a H store in Asia and say "I want a Kelly/Birkin in this colour, this leather, this hardware'. Sorry, it's just not like that.
  9. I was told the same thing at the N alaska store. I didn't ask at the S Alaska store. I got the impression that this policy was unique to N Alaska.:tdown:
  10. ^^Yes, ITA on this with MrsS. Which is really sad for us who live in Asia :crybaby:. Wish this practice would change one day ...
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    It's not just Asia - it's exactly the same here, too.
  12. MrsS: In the other thread referenced above, you mentioned being a good customer gets you the opportunity to place a SO. What makes one a good customer? Do you think it varies by store or continent? Your explanation of the PO practice sounds exactly like what I was told in lower Alaska on Thursday. In Upper Alaska, I wasn't even given that much of an explanation--just told they no longer take orders. :sad:
  13. In lower Alaska I got the impression it was just a temporary thing ...
  14. well that is a tough matter but i say a combination of
    - how do you tick with your sa
    - your love for the brand itself
    - your shopping behaviour