Is it true that the multicolour LV's flake?

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  1. Can somepne please clarify me on this but the coloured LV's are meant to flake??

  2. i've had my white Pochette Accessoires for nearly 3 years now, and nothing has flaked. and my white Trouville, Shirley and Wapity are all still in flawless condition :yes:
  3. I've been collecting Black Multicolore LV since March of 2004 .... and none of my items have flaked. ;)
  4. Ta for the reply!! I saw a new mulitcolour LV that is going to be out later on this year and really would love to have but was quite worried when I read about some flaking problems...!

  5. I had a black multicolore Speedy for a couple years, and the colored print never flaked. However, I've seen various authentic multicolore LVs on eBay that did have this problem. The colored print seemed fade, slightly flake, or rub off on the edges of the bags. Maybe the owners were not taking care of the bags, throwing them around, exposing them to extreme heat, etc.
  6. I never heard about this!! I dont think they do!
  7. It does have the tendency to rub off or flake if you use it constantly. There is care booklet explaining the intricacy of the Multicolore line. It's really an silk screen overlay onto the monogram canvas.
  8. the MC line is my favorite, I own 8 bags in this line and have not had a problem with flaking. my only problem is with my white MC keepall, the lining bleeding thru the pocket.
  9. It depends how often the bag is used. It does rub off.
  10. Mine still look good after one year. My white mc alma looks perfect and I really used it last summer a lot.
  11. mine havent flaked or rubbed off yet but i heard some complaints that their multicolors start to fade.
    not sure why though since i have mine for almost 2 years now and still look okay.
  12. Mine did!
    A little at the top of my mulit speedy.
    I think I cleaned the bag too much and that's what did it :O
  13. My SA says that he has never heard of a problem with flaking or chipping... although after hearing all of the stories on TPF I think he had no clue what he was talking about lol. But I don't think it's that prevelant.
  14. I own several MC LV bags, and none have rubbed off or flaked. I think people get the rub off because they let the bag hit into things - causing the rub off. Not saying they do it on purpose, but some people are just a bit rougher with their bags than others.

    I used my MC Speedy for almost a full year, using it almost every day, and theres not one bit of rub off at all.