Is it true that the cleaner/moisturizer can go bad?

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  1. I was told that if your (cleaner/moisturizer) product was over a year old, that it can stain your bag. Is this true?
  2. Didn't stain mine.
  3. I've never had a problem w/ any of my bags and I've had my cleaner for over two years.
  4. I've heard that the Coach products are bad for your bags because they contain silicone!:wtf:
  5. S.A. told me don't put a darn thing on my Legacy, she said it will just get softer and prettier just from use.
  6. Never had a problem and I've used moisturizer that's 5+ years old!
  7. When I purchased my 1st Coach bag it was "vintage" leather and the SA insisted I buy the cleaner and moisturizer. Well after 5 months of using it I was told that you can't use it on vintage leather. I think that SA's needed to be more knowledgable and not just push sales. Sorry I am venting!!!
  8. That's a good vent! That's terrible! The SAs I encounter always tell me what bags can't have products on it. Sometimes I ask. Oh also the care card should say, right?

    Oh Grr thanks for venting, let it all out! LOL. :yes:
  9. Thanks everyone! :yes:
  10. I heard the same thing but I have no idea whether or not there is any accuracy to that rumor. Supposedly silicone breaks down the leather over time.
  11. Silicone in general provides a smooth glossy finish if I'm not mistaken. Some hair products contain this to give the hair a smooth glossy finish.

    Some bags can have the cleaner/moisturizer used on it while others can't. I think on there is a guide for what can and cannot be used with it.
  12. I was in Coach the other night ordering a charm and the SA told another customer who was buying the Soho Small Flap (which I happened to have on my arm, but anyway) that because the moisturizer is all natural, it goes bad after a year. She said that while it may not stain your bag, it isn't doing as good as a newer moisturizer would. I'm guessing streching it to a year and a half wouldn't hurt (it's not like it's fine one day and bad the next), but any longer than that and I'd be hesitant. When the bag are $200+, I think $10 a year to keep them looking like new is worth it.
  13. i am going to go ask my sa tomorrow.