Is it true that the Caviar Cabas are sold out and discontinued?

  1. Tell me it's not true. After being on the list at NM for some time, I decided to try my luck at the Chanel boutique only to be rudely told that they were sold out since September and that they are no longer being made by the Chanel SA. Is this true? Can anyone verify this? I've been dying for one. :sad:
  2. I dont think this is the case... I only bought my dark silver one late December and had the choice between dark silver and bronse. I think they will be coming back with Black and also white for spring...
  3. My SA from Saks just got the white one in last week
  4. That happened to me a couple months ago as well! I called the SF Boutique and they told me the exact same thing (probably the same rude SA! :rant: ), but I did finally get one from LA. :yahoo: Don't worry you'll get one! :graucho:
  5. hee-hee...probably...I should've known and went to another SA. She told me that they were sold out since September! Oh can I ask you how you were finally able to get your cabas? Should I start calling other NM, Saks, and Chanel boutiques to see if they have any?
  6. I got mine from Saks Beverly Hills, another tPF member had it on hold and didn't want it, so she posted it here for us and I snatched it up VERY quickly! :yes:
  7. are you talking about the baby cabas? Or the original cabas? I am sure the baby ones are still around. At least Seattle Nordstrom will get more baby cabas in white and black this spring. Good luck!
  8. Yep, that was what I was going to say, the Lookbook shows them getting the cabas in white and black, I would call now and get on the wait list, I don't think they would have a large quantity coming in.

    Call the boutique in Las Vegas that have a large selection, might still have what you want. The Vegas boutique has the largest selection and quantity of Chanel watches in the U.S. Also buying from a Chanel Boutique will save you sales tax if there is not a boutique in your state and the boutiques don't charge shipping. The dept. stores do charge shipping. PM me if you would like contact info for S/A in Vegas.
  9. ^ actually boutiques still charge shipping when I ordered on the phone. But i think it was a bit cheaper than NM.
  10. I paid $25 shipping from the boutique and $12.50 at NM for similar items.
  11. I heard that it was discontinued, but that was a while ago. I hope they're not, for your sake! Good luck.