Is it true that the Black Maxi Flap with Gold Hardware is now discontinued?

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  1. I called NM today in search of the Black Maxi Flap in Gold Hardware and the SA said that they had one in Silver Hardware, but the Gold Hardware is discontinued nationwide. Is this true??? Black Maxi in GHW is my holy grail... I may have to settle for a Jumbo with GGH instead. I've looked on eBay and only the Maxi with SHW is available. I want a Maxi because I like to carry tons of stuff around and want my Classic Flap to be an everyday bag, but I think GHW looks MUCH better than SHW. Anyone with information about this would be appreciated!
  2. Are you speaking of the older, slouchy maxi style with the flap that goes straight across and has the large CCs or are you wanting the newer maxi style that looks exactly like the jumbo and has the smaller CCs?

    I have the newer style that I purchased from NM last year. I don't think it is discontinued - just sold out probably. I think it is now part of the permanent collection so Chanel should release it again at some point. I believe the slouchy maxi style has been discontinued since there were so many complaints about the wings and slouchiness.

    The question now though is whether the newer maxi will be made with the washed caviar or the more structured caviar. Good luck with your search!