is it true that pandora beads fit on a chamilia bracelet???

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  1. Ok I've done my research! Something just clicked with chamilia and so I started building a bracelet online and then clicked "find retailer" and theres one in my town a mile away!! I will go there with my bro and sis and start building one in person so we can see all the beads.

    Also, is it true that pandora beads fit on a chamilia bracelet??? that would be excellent too, so we have more bead options. Theres a store down the street that has pandora too. So is that true??

    Thank you all again!!
  2. Yes, the chamilia beads will fit on pandora bracelets and vice versa. There are a few vendors that are on this 'bead' train and they basically can be mixed and matched. Have fun building your bracelet.
  3. If you purchase a pandora bracelet, I would recommend you take it with you to purchase chamilia beads as some do not screw on comfortably to pandora bracelets.
  4. Barbpixie- I have a pandora bracelet and have Chamilia- pandora and biagi charms on it. (I love frogs so I have the frog in all three lines) They are all the same basic quality beads and they fit all three brands.
    Good luck with your new bracelet. Starting a new one is always a lot of fun.
  5. I agree. Both are awesome... Same quality but I have found that the bigger chamilia beads don't screw on pandora as comfortably. You have to finesse the bead. Some have gotten them stuck.
    Can't really take it to pandora to remove as putting nonpandora beads mulls the warranty.
  6. Thanks everyone... I am going to be purchasing a chamilia bracelet and wanted to know if pandora beads would fit on it. I do not plan on buying a pandora bracelet. But I think I got the answers I thank you all!!