Is It True That No Saks Got Jumbo Caviar Classic In A Color??

  1. ohhh ladies i am soo obsessing over another jumbo caviar classic, but in a primary "crayon" color, not black, white, camel or beige. Either blue (any shade), red, purple, coral, etc. (not pink - i have the caviar pink medallion ;)) . I was told by the SA at Saks Beverly Hills that the entire company did not order any of the primary colors. Is this true or was she just brushing me off? has anybody seen one? i would rather buy from Saks, 'cause the minimum monthly Saks bill payment is around 3%, while the NM minimum is 10%

    thank you sooooooo much for any info
  2. sorta off topic..but If you arent planning on paying your bill in full, then I really dont see a reason to hurry up and buy before the increase. You wont be saving much if you are planning on paying the bill over X # of months.
  3. FYI I just put my name down for the jumbo classic caviar in red.i cant wait!!!!! I also saw the jumbo classic in the new perforated leather in bright blue!!!. Call my SA @ Sak's-Joseph(917-776-9353).if you use his cell you'll have better luck