Is it true that fake bags do not patina?

  1. Does the patina on the fake bags stay light forever?

    I am asking bc I saw what I knew was a fake for the first time this w/e. I have a hard time catching them but this girl has the Speedy 30 that I have so I *knew* the bag. Anyway-her handles were so long, like 2 more inches or so than I have, and the patina was real real light like she just bought it. So I was just wondering.
  2. I believe that the new "better" fakes do patina, but I've heard that they never are exactly the correct color. I'm not really sure, but this is what I've heard/read.
  3. LOL, some fakes even come with a faux patina. LOL. But yes, one of the dead giveaway signs for a fake Louis is light colored dirty leather. It would never get to the point of being dirty, without turning to a dark color unless its fake. I saw a lady with a bag that was dirty, but the "leather" was the color of spaghetti. EW.
  4. Higher quality fakes are also trimmed in leather, and they do turn colour over time.
  5. No, the superfakes are advertised as being able to patina too.:shocked:
  6. I have seen fakes made with vachetta and yes they do patina
  7. I've seen fakes made with vachetta that patinas, but the color of the patina was kind of "off"
  8. Yes the new superfakes patina...I was given one as a gift and it's just getting a slight tinge to it now (it's been a few months). I am interested in seeing what color it winds up...
  9. I've seen fake with gorgeous patina..I think I saw it in one of Ebay auction.I will dig it up..
  10. Yes, I've heard very good fakes patina as the handles are leather as well, but never quite like the real thing.
  11. Yikes, that is scary.
  12. Not true
    I had a fake cerises Speedy (0K, got stuck) that turned brown after 2 months and a good downpour, They darken, but they don't turn honey, it's a rose-ish tint. There might be other fakes of better quality that actually turn honey.
  13. "they" are very good now...