Is it true that Coach may not replenish the Carly??

  1. Hi everyone! Just discovered this forum last night, and was enthusiastic about joining and meeting other Coach lovers like me ;)

    I was at a Coach store here in Toronto, Canada and I was informed by one of the saleswomen that there is a waiting list for the Carly signature bag, and there is a possibility that Coach will discontinue this style?

    I find it hard to believe...was anyone else told this?
  2. Hopefully, Sprinkles or ms-whitney will have some information about this -- they are both Coach SAs. :yes:

    BTW, welcome to the forum!!
  3. Hi Mokoni! :smile:
    thank you for the warm welcome!

    I hope the Carly will be out on the shelves again soon. :crybaby:
  4. Kialani.. Welcome to the forum! I'm from Windsor :smile: Where is the coach store in Toronot? Is it on Bloor? I'll be in TO for work in March and I'd like to check the store out
  5. Kialani, which Signature Carly bag are you looking for? I was just looking at Coach's website and they are still on there. I wonder if it has something to do with you being in Canada?
  6. coach1979: the coach store is at yorkdale mall. there isnt one on bloor :smile:
  7. Hi coach1979! :smile:
    thank you for the warm welcome as well!

    There are 2 Coach stores here:

    - at Sherway Gardens Mall, in Etobicoke (address: 25 The West Mall ....on the intersection of the Queensway and The West Mall)

    -at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in North York (address: 3401 Dufferin Street, Space #242B)...mmm go east on the 401, and you'll see signs leading up to the mall's exit...

    I haven't been to the one at Yorkdale, but I was at the one at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke. Ask for Nicole. She's very friendly and helpful.

    Happy Shopping :smile:
  8. Mokoni, I have my heart set on the medium signature carly...khaki and saddle, or even the khaki and gold...
  9. i just ordered the large carly in sig/chambray...and they said ordering any others was no prob...

  10. Kialani & xoxo_chanel - Thanks for the responses and thanks for the directions! very helpful. when in Toronto I normally only shop around Bloor street area and Eaton Centre! I dont venture off too much further from the hotel. I will have to make a trip to one of the locations you mentioned!! Thanks again :wlae:
  11. hi kallison!

    :nuts: ok now that's great news...!! maybe the SA here in Toronto was mis-informed, and meant to tell me that they had to re-order for their stores here in Canada....i hope so!

    :wlae: now i'm looking hopeful! hehe