Is it true that ALL profits from Rolex are given to charity?

  1. That's SO cool if true!

    But the dealer markup on Rolex is HUGE!

    Here is the markup for my watch...I got an OK deal.
    SS with 18k polished bezel & Oyster bracelet 78243 with 11 brilliants set on dial

    Knowing the wholesale price gave me real purchasing POWER! :smartass: only not....:roflmfao:

    Back to Rolex profits...Now I don't feel so bad! I LOVE this idea :heart: :heart: ---IF true:yes:

    Has anyone heard of this???
  2. all? i highly highly doubt that. it's said that they give a lot to charity but since they aren't a publicly traded company and in switzerland of all places (well hq are in switzerland so i assume they're based there for financial purposes) there's probably no way of finding out.
  3. That's the most hilarious claim I have ever heard.
  4. I highly doubt it. Where did you find the whole sale info on your watch? I am interested in checking a few pieces out myself. Do tell.

  5. Here is a link...

  6. How could that be true? If any company gave away all their profits-how could they survive? How could they pay employees, bills, etc.. Come on!
  7. of course they could survive giving away their profits, that's just what they are, profits. what you pay bills and your employees with doesn't count as profits, just part of your turnover. that's not to say i think they do it :roflmfao:
  8. ????
  9. yes it is true! all profits go to various charitys! it is a foundation cause that is what the late owner and founder of rolex mr wilsdorf wanted
  10. I had a typo in the link. Here it is...
  11. wholesaleprices mean nothing as you have to calculate all the other costs in and as you can see they are not overinflated at all.
    most brands are worse than that
  12. Yep the markup isn't really that bad considering that you have to deal with a lot of returns and that most jewelry is marked up x3.

  13. Quite. :yes:

    New jewellery, that is, of course!