Is it true .. only 20 Exotic Watercolor Speedy ..

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  1. Hello all LV lovers.

    I was waitlisted and prepaid for it and finally I got a call to pick it up at Saks today.

    At first, I was very excited and am willing to pay ~ 4k. I was number 4 on their list and did not get call on the launch date March 15. I thought to myself maybe it would never be my turn since it's too limited. Subsconciously, I even wish so, so that I don't have to spend that much. Since then, I slowly fell out of love for it and when I read somewhere in this forum that there had been case in which the plastic frame got crack I was completely turn off. I find little use in a big bag like this if it means to reserve for special occasion. Even if I would be using it often, it's hard to enjoy a bag when I have to be extra careful in handling it everytime I take it out with me. I know for sure I will be crying for my 4k if the frame cracks.

    At one point, I want it so badly because I have been dreaming to have a speedy but none of the permanent line attracts me until this came out. But now, hmmm.....don't know. I will go there tomorrow. If I do buy this bag, I wonder if I could resell it in the future for nearly as much I pay for it?? Or should I pass and wait for another LE speedy?

    As I was talking to my SA on the phone, he detected my hesitant and told me that there is only 20 of them in the whole company store. Is this true??
  2. I could understand that hearing it is very limited makes you want it more. However, I would seriously consider spending 4k on something that i won't use a lot and probably going to be sitting in the closet for most of the time. Well, if money is not your concern, i would ask you to go for it. Such a nice bag.:yes:
  3. I also agree, it's best that you purchase a bag you really enjoy and will use instead of putting it all in one bag you're hesistant about. Imagine all the other possibilities you could purchase with that price tag.

    Vuitton comes out with a lot of LE stuff these days with a lot of collaborations and it never hurts to wait.

    And I don't know if there's only 20 bags in the whole company, but it doesn't sound very feasible.
  4. I am quite sure it is not 20 in the whole world but more like 20 in your country or store (if it is a flagship store). Even my store has a few now.

    The price is really high on this one maybe bcoz of the anticipation and initial feedback from customers. I also think that it would be difficult to sell it close to the original price if you decide to sell bcoz there is the almost 3 times cheaper vvn version. Once there is a cheaper version, the desire for the LE drops, no?
  5. Don't buy anything you're NOT in love wuth, I refuse to buy any expensive bag if I am even thinking about the price, as that means I really dont love it
  6. I would not buy the bag unless I have lots lots of money. I would not buy a bag that I have to be so careful with it. I would rather spend the $ on a practical bag that I could use daily and with 4K, you could buy 3 bags that you could use and enjoy. But then I am a very practical person so I might be bias. But sounds like $ is an issue here with you so I say go for the vvn version, the pap or the speedy, or even both.
  7. I've been drooling over this bag too and I'm still on the waiting list. Debating over the same thing but so far I'm still loving it the bag, will you let me know what do you think after you see it tomorrow ? thank you
  8. I went home empty hand today.

    DD Wan, RedDuchess: it's such an awesome bag. It's my type of bag but i definitely think it's overprice. Somehow I feel cheated if I were to buy it.

    mercx5: you made a very good point there about the vvn version, the majority would choose the cheaper option to own a piece of the aquarelle line.

    Pinkcaviar, precious-gucci: .. the bag is really pretty .. but then looking at myself in the mirror with the bag.. I was thinkng to myself that this piece for $4024 including tax .. i could get a comparable bag as pretty for less.. I just couldn't justify the price. :nogood: It's not the end of the world to live w/o it. I will soon get over it.

    MDLV17: it is nicer in person than any of the pictures I saw online or even the magazine ads especially the orange frame. It's more lively and vibrant maybe because of the combo of the orange frame (made of acetate, the same material used for sunglasses) and watercolor. Each letter "Louis Vuitton" on the orange is punch out and has gold background. The hardware is shiny. It looks smaller when close but when open it's spacious. You could open it all the way out to make it look like a sturdy box. The wide opening make it easy for access. All in all, I would describe it as a higher class of classic. Are you still drooling? :P But i couldn't bring myself to pay for this or even to accept it as a gift from hubby. :sad:
  9. Hot News Flash- Portland Oregon Pioneer Square Lv Boutique Has One Exotic Sppedy In Today - If You Waznt It Call In And Ask For Katie- Only Kate And You Can Get It- Tell Her Kelli Sent You!
    I Did Not Have The $$$'s For It Or I Would Be Posting Pics Right Now!
  10. SUNSET BLVD. you make me feel so much better- I felt like such a loser to say no to the bag when my SA called - from the store I am on the brink trying to get employed with - but I would need to be the Presidents wife or at least the local mayors to justify this bag or at least have an outfit or two worthy of it! I have been trying to get my husband to run for local mayor hefor the last 2 years so that I could up my purse anty to no avail!
    Thanks for the confirmation!
  11. I think with LV LE's its a crap shoot. I know the first round of these out in stores got one or two, but you don't know how many shipments still may be coming in. I only had one SA ever that was pretty clued in - most even though they are telling you what they know, don't know about what else could be coming.
  12. i would not get it if i dun have the money.
  13. I think you made a great decision not to buy the bag. It sounds like you're not really in love with it. Don't worry, another one will come out - it only gets much better...:girlsigh:
  14. I agree with the others. There are defn more than 20 worldwide.
  15. Hi
    My husband said ok I could buy the bag so I ran down to the LV to get it but when I saw it I really am not into the hard frame -it is shiny and orangey color and feels to formal for me - I am pretty casual most of the time but it is definitely beautiful and I will get the watercolor 35. It is in Portland Oregon at the Pioneer Square- ask for Katie and tell her Kelli told you they have the bag in and you could get it if you call soon!

    Thanks ,