Is it true? No more suede linings?????

  1. I don't get to see the bags IRL, is it true that the new soft leather classic bags have canvas linings?? What is the problem? Suede shortage???Will you still love the venetia with canvas interior? Is there no pride left in the classics???
  2. when I saw some of the bags at Nordstroms, they had suede linings - I believe the Parker style (soft leather w/knotted straps) had suede linings. I know there's a really pretty gray-ish lavender ZC that had suede lining. I was actually surprised to see a ZC w/suede lining.

    Several years ago, when MJ switched from suede to canvas in the "classic collection" (i.e., Stella, Sophia, Venetia, etc) he still did Ltd Ed bags from each season w/suede linings. Then he went back to suede in most of his bags and then in 2006, he seemed to go back to canvas in the "basic" styles (i.e., Stam, Venetia, etc) but still some Ltd Ed styles w/suede.

    You never know what MJ's going to do, but I don't think he's done away w/suede completely
  3. I have heard rumors about this for awhile and will be really sad if it's true. The suede linings are a big reason why I love MJ bags so much. I have several MJ bags w/o the suede and it's just not the same.
  4. this has been discussed before and I said it then - -
    what bugs me (and I don't understand!) is why the prices have gone up so high on the bags that are no longer lined with suede. I would certainly think that suede linings costs more than canvas, twill, etc (or that newer "raincoat" lining!) - so how come such a price hike??

    The original Stam w/Icy Nappa Leather & Suede Lining cost around $1300 - the Stams now w/goat leather and the raincoat-like linings costs $1600. The original Stams are still the best in my opinion. I get why most prices go up, but I would expect at least the same (or better) quality for the higher price.
  5. Unfortunately, the Parker has canvas lining. :sad:
  6. I know I saw a couple of bags w/suede lining at Nordstroms - I thought it was the Parker since they were the same color as the ZC I saw - I know the lavender ZC was lined with a red-ish suede, so the matching bag must have the same lining.
  7. I am going to look inside the new Blakes the next time I am in Nordies or Neiman Marcus. I just assumed they would still be suede.

    I agree, it makes me sad that the prices have gone up but the lining is no longer consistently suede - this was one of the most luxurious and "expensive" things about a MJ bag for me. So, whether this is accurate or not, a simpler bag FEELS less expensive to me without it.
  8. Don't worry, the linings of the soft calf Blakes are still suede. :yes:
  9. Yay! Thank you!

    I can see why other, fancier/heavier bags might be easier to carry with different linings I guess. But I do love my suede lining on the Blake!
  10. I *think* the Mercer line (and accompanying SLGs) are all lined in the canvas twill. That would include these colors for Resort 2007:
    Lilac, marshmallow, maple and a grey

    The Soft Calf classic line still has the suede, for Resort 2007, the colors are:
    Black, yogurt , sesame, cinnamon, and grey

    Resort colors with unknown lining: Black, Pistachio and Grey

    Does anyone know if there are two "grey and blacks"?
  11. the soft calf zip clutches are still lined with suede, so i would hope that they would still use it with some of the styles. i do miss the suede, but i like certain bags with the canvas lining particularly the stam. my 07 stam is so much lighter compared to my 05 one. i know the hollow chain helps, but the lack of suede makes it a lot lighter too, i'm sure. i don't want mj to do away with the suede completely. i guess i like having both. if only we could customize own mj bags the way we can build our own teddy bears. :girlsigh:
  12. I was at Nordstroms today and most of the bags are lined with canvas, but there were a few bags w/suede lining. The ZC I thought was lavender is actually Gray, but it's got purple-ish undertones (that's why I connected it to the Parker, which is definitely Lavender). They also had a Black ZC with gold hardware and suede lining - Both of those ZCs had the traditional nameplate inside too (not the gold stamped lettering).

    The Mercer satchel (which they had in both Black and Gray) is lined with suede, as are the Soft Classic Hobo (a/k/a the Christy) and the Lilly Tote (Black). All of the bags that were lined with suede are Soft Calf Leather.

    All of the bags they had were from the Resort line - Spring bags are scheduled to arrive mid-late February. We'll have to wait and see which, if any, bags are lined with suede.
  13. I saw a patent blake today at NM and the middle compartment had a canvas lining. I didn't check the zipped sections.
  14. What a bummer. The blake I just got this season definitely has suede lining in the middle. Sounds like the soft calf blakes (not the patent though) have suede linings.

    You would think that if he was going to phase out the suede lining, he would say something. I would probably buy an extra bag or two if I heard they weren't going to do the suede anymore. Hopefully they will continue to do it in the classic soft calf bags, but it definitely does sound like they are phasing it out a bit. Grumble.

    Agree that it would be great if we could customize our bags! :smile: