Is it true? LV increase their price on Feb?

  1. Is it true that LV will increase their price again on Feb?? I know they had been increase 3 times last year. Now I wonder should I get the multicolore speedy before they increase the price again.:sad:
  2. Yes, get it before the price increase as I have heard it's a go!
  3. oh no, please~ not again...:cry:
  4. yeah that is what i have heard as well.
  5. Yup! I heard about it too! Doa search and you will see that this topic has been discussed! But fr sure, sure, there will be one! Go get the bag now! lol!
  6. im glad i just bought my mono speedy :smile: i kind of want a mc speedy but its either that or I get my wedding I want lol! Im already married but we did a quick one in the courthouse so now we're doing it big in june yay!
  7. I went to LV last week to exchange something and it happened to be the manager that was taking care of the transaction. I said something about the price increase in Feb. and she was like "we just had a price increase in Nov. and I haven't heard anything about a price increase in Feb." How do you know prices are going up? or is this just a rumor because they tend to go up a few times a year or whatever?
  8. Yes, unfortuantely that is the word on the Street - however I asked a SA at the LV dept at Macy's and he said he knew nothing of the increase!!
  9. They sell LV at Macy's??? I've never heard of this....just Saks and NM...good to know.
  10. Do price increases usually start at the beginning or end of the month?? I'm going to make my first LV purchase in Feb when shipping is free at elux. I hope I make it before the price hike!
  11. The increases happen around the same time each year. I think it was mid to late Feb last year.
  12. price increase?!?!?!?!? so what else is new?