Is it true? Exchange an ebay purchase at a Coach outlet?

  1. I was looking through the Coach eBay listings the other day (my daily obsession!) and ran across one that said that if you bought the listed bag and didn't like it after it arrived, you could exchange it at any Coach store? The bag was NWT. That sounds fishy to me, especially with no receipt, but I thought I'd ask you experts. Thanks.
  2. Sounds dishonest either way imho.
  3. In the general sense it's probably true you can return it, but...

    1-who knows how much you would get back for it (it would be the lowest price marked)

    2-it's morally unethical to do so.
  4. ^I agree. :yes:
  5. Yes, unless there is a receipt, you are not doing anything right about that deal.
  6. Thanks, everybody. My feelings, too.
  7. I agree...I've bought a few NWT items off eBay and rec'd gift receipts tucked inside. Kinda cool if I decided I didn't want it...I COULD go get store credit for it...but I would probably still be taking a hit on the price.
  8. Like elongreach can do it...but you'll only get the lowest historical price its been sold on....which could be pretty low.