Is it true ?? 2.55 reissue lambskin GHW darkend?? or 2.55 reissue SHW??

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  1. Hi there!
    Good afetrnoon :smile:
    Yesterday I went to the boutique in Boston and asked reissue bag medium size GHW. SA sais that they do not produce 2.55 GHW anymore in this year. Is it true? I really want to get 2.55 GHW :sad:

    Also she said there is only 5 pieces 2.55 SHW in all US continents.
    I think it is like... ridiculous. how it could be true? :sad:

    So she said they can order one 2.55 lambskin black GHW but the HW is darkend. I dont know what this means. It means that it is rusty? or they process the goldhardware looks like dark on purpose?

    and I thought that 2.55 line is made of calf can be lambskin though?

    I dont know what to do. If I wait, I can purchase 2.55 GHW in 3 months?
    or just purchase darkened lambskin 2.55 or 2.55 SHW....

    Please give some advise!! :smile:
    Have a nice day !!
  2. Are you talking about the black distressed calfskin reissue? I'm not sure how many are out there still but I know that it was produced with the antique gold hardware. Its not rusty, its just not shiny gold---more distressed. I personally have not seen any black lambskin reissues this season, though I know that it did come in navy and red in the lambskin (both with ruthenium hardware) as well as grey and dark blue (both with ruthenium hardware as well. I hope this helps a little bit! :smile: