Is it too thin??

  1. I just use my first MC pochette, and I have a feeling that the strap is too thin (for me). I mean I kept worrying that the strap might rip into two pieces. :Push: << Am I too worried??? (The strap should be strong enough?)

    Anyway, my question is about EPI SAINT TROPEZ or Croisette PM's straps/handles.

    Do you think the straps/handles are as thin as pochette's??
    How durable are they?
  2. The straps are definitely thick enough. It's strong long as you're not repeatedly tugging on it all the time, it'll hold up just fine.
    As for the other bags, they've got thicker straps and hold up well also.
    Don't worry about the straps..they're very strong.
  3. hmmm..I think the straps are fine the way they are. Although they're much thinner than most other LV handles/straps, they will NOT break all of a sudden. LV=quality:biggrin:
  4. Thank you so much for confirming that they're strong enough. :biggrin:

    Silly me to worry about it too much. :shame:

    Just want to be sure because I start to like epi Saint Tropez and Croisette PM. And, they have thin straps. I thought to myself if they're not durable I just won't get 'em.
  5. Lol..don't worry about it. I've honestly never heard of the straps just randomly snapping on authentic bags.
    BUT, should anything ever go wrong (I don't foresee it happening but there's always a tiny tiny chance), you can always take it back to the store and they'll replace the straps.
  6. Wow, thanks!! It's good to know this. :yahoo:

    But, I guess they have some "warranty period" for strap right?
    I mean it doesn't have life-time warranty.
    please don't tell me they will replace it no matter how long after you own it ... it'd be too good to be true!! :nuts: :nuts:
  7. Well..they usually replace things with manufacturing defects for free after a year. But this really depends on where you're located..sometimes it'll be a year, sometimes it'll be a couple months.
    BUT, if you're *really* close with an SA, they'll do repairs for little to nothing, depending on what type of repair it is.
  8. LV will do repairs with a year of your purchase free of charge. After that they'll always be willing to fix it for you, but you may have to pay (cuz they usually have to send the item away).
  9. lol.. I guess we posted at the same time!

    another thing I thought of... my SA recently told me that when you bring your item in for repair, when you get it back, it's actually under warranty for another year.
  10. My first pochette, just a mono canvas, had strap issues.....the leather kept separating, they replaced the strap for me a couple of times and then I just gave up and started to glue it back together myself.....this is a pretty old pochette (like 8 years) and I'm quite sure they've fixed this issue. This was before it was a thought to use a pochette as a shoulder bag and I did....anyway, I have 4 other pochettes that have been no problem at all, I wouldn't worry about it, like I said, they kept replacing the strap for me no problem, and when the strap was lighter than the bag I just used some leather bomb/salve and it would darken it up right away....
  11. plus if your just talking pochette straps, they can be easily removed and you can buy replacement ones....
  12. Wow .. I learn a lot today, thanks. :love: