Is it too soon to worry?

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  1. I got a bag on ebay that I had been DYING to get. I paid right away and the seller sent on Tuesday the 9th with parcel post. The seller lives in MD where the weather has been pretty bad. Its the 18th and I still don't have the bag. I usually don't send packages or get packages by parcel post but how long does it usually take? I asked the seller for a DC number, but they are out of town and don't have any of the paper work with them at the moment. I hope it shows up soon, I was SO excited!
  2. Ive had parcel post take ten business days before, and with the terrible weather I wouldnt count the bag as lost just yet, maybe if you havent received it by tuesday, open a claim.
  3. Some one more knowledgeable can correct me, but IME parcel post is like THE SLOWEST OPTION, i think a turtle could get it there faster. It says on USPS 5-8 days, but with the weather, I'd wait 14 mail-delivering business days before worrying, so you have at least 7 days left.
  4. I'd wait a bit longer. It's never too early to worry but IMO it's too early for any action.
  5. I think Monday was a postal holiday too.
  6. yes the mail has been very slow lately with all these holidays bunched up. hope you get it soon i see you are waiting for the large purple garnet its absolutely gorgeous. i just got my chocolate editorial zoe today and bridgit. love them both.
  7. I had a seller ship a pair of jeans parcel post, it took (3) weeks for me to receive - so you may have another week. That was last summer all my years on Ebay, that was the only time I'd ever received something parcel post, thank goodness.
  8. I shipped an itemparcel post Feb 8 from Philly to DC and it took until Thursday the 18 to get there. Remember Monday was a holiday too.
  9. Too soon to worry. Not to soon to get excited though, I'm sure it will be there before you know it!
  10. I hope so too! I was SOO excited about it because I got such a good deal. The seller has been great with everything. Communication has been solid and they responded to my question yesterday about a DC number within a few hours. I trust the seller, just not the P.O. LOL.
  11. Too soon to worry! Monday was a holiday and there have been a lot of snow storms thus delaying the mail. Don't worry. I'm sure it will get to you. I know it's hard not to be excited :smile:!
  12. I buy and sell all the time. I have bought things lately that are really slow getting here especially because of the weather and holidays (as others have said). No worries. However I know what it is like to wait-bummer.
  13. I've had parcel post items take nearly three weeks. But I've also had them arrive in under one week.