Is it too soon to use CHANEL?

  1. Today I chatted with my friends and we were talking about bags. I was very proud presented topic about CHANEL but all of them told me that CHANEL looks old and it is not suitable with us :confused1: .

    I once agree with them but I think there are many models that look teennie.

    This year I am 27 and I think am not teeanager anymore. :p

    What do you guys think about it?
  2. that's silly and uneducated IMO.

    Show them some pics of the early 20-somethings in Hollywood, like Avril Lavigne, Mischa BArton, Rachel Bilson, Paris, etc . . .

    Some people think Chanel only = Classic Flaps.
  3. There are so many young bags...that's just silly! I love my Cabas and I'm 21.
  4. Chanel is timeless and suitable whenever you can afford it.
  5. No offense...but your friends are being ridicuous. I am 27 and would never consider myself too young for Chanel. Chanel makes such a huge range of bags/looks there is something for everyone. I remember a couple of LV posts about a 12 year old wanting to start an LV collection! Now that is slightly crazy! :nuts: I say go for it and maybe buy something from the cambon line, which definitely looks "younger" than some other styles. I think a 27 year old can rock any Chanel bag though. ;)
  6. I think so too swanky. Some people think that CHANEL = Chanel Flaps. That's why they think so ... great thought :p
  7. That's silly! I'm 21 now and carry my Chanels proudly. :yes: I got my first one when I was 20! And one of them is a classic flap. I think it looks classy, not old. :smile:
  8. I think most people are intimidated by the price and say it looks old or whatever themselves feel better. Chanel wearers usually have class and good taste at any age. I'm 29 by the way and have worn Chanel for about 5 years.
  9. I'm 27 too and I have a baby face so some people actually think I am a college kid, but I started carrying chanel since 04 and I LOVE chanel! Yes they have some styles that are more suitable for more mature ladies, BUT they have a HUGE selection of styles that also suit ladies in their twenties as well. I think even the flap bag styles, which most ppl think are too classic, offer some very hip and chic selection (look at the Modern Chain Flap!)

    Tell you friends to check out pics we have posted in this forum, they will be surprised!
  10. My sister just turned 20 and I am 22 we both have classic flaps. You are never too young or too old for Chanel. :yes:
  11. I also think Chanel makes a wide variety of styles, suitable for different ages, and it depends on what style you like too, some younger girls like more mature styles, while some older girls prefer the fun each his own!!!!
  12. No way. I'm 24 and I adore Chanel, and have for several years. I think there is a bag for everyone, whatever your sense of style. I agree LambLovesChanel, to each his/her own, it's all very subjective.

  13. I totally agree! :smile:
  14. IMO there's a Chanel bag for every age and taste. I'M usually not a big Chanel fan but the reissue stole my heart and I adore this bag.
  15. I totally agree wtih Swanky and Kitten. I don't think there any Chanels that look "teenie". To me, "teenie" is Dooney & Burke, Coach - not all of their bags but the majority.