Is it too soon to start baby on cereal ??

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  1. Hello all I was wondering I it's normal for my sons pediatrican to start him on cereal so soon . He is now 8 weeks old and is sleeping through the night but she was concerned of him eating every 2 hrs so she recomded we give him alittle cereal in his bottle to hold him longer ? He's drink 4 1/2 oz now.
  2. He is probably just going through a growth spurt. Have you tried giving him a bigger bottle instead? Most pedis recommend that babies not have solids until they are six months; there is rarely a need to introduce solids so early. I'm not a dr. but if it would just be for your convenience in feeding him less often and not for a legitimate medical reason, I'd wait to introduce solids until he is older.
  3. I had trouble feeding my daughter as a baby. she would not suckle ( breast or bottle) and even after perservering I found I had to feed her milk with a small spoon. She wasnt gaining enough weight,( she was also sleeping thru the night so missing out on feeds) so at 6 weeks I started giving her a little rice cereal, since I was spoon feeding her milk anyway. I wouldnt recommend it to everyone but shes now 18 and she turned out fine! I say go with your instincts :flowers:
  4. No, I've never heard of a baby starting cereal at just 8 weeks. Milk is all they need until 6 months, though some start around 4 months. Their tummies cannot process solid foods so young. Little babies often wake up frequently at night. If he's growing and hungry, even more so.
  5. honestly, i would not be comfortable putting cereal in a bottle. i feel it is a choking hazard, and no way at 8 weeks. if the dr wants to start you on a bit of cereal, i'd say use a dropper or spoon, but i really don't see anything wrong with feeding breast milk or forumla on demand for that age and not worrying if it's every 2 hours or not. in another month, i'd say give the cereal a try, but very thinned out and on a spoon, not in a bottle.
  6. I wouldn't give cereal to a baby that young. I wouldn't do it before 16 weeks earliest TBH.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics says:
    4 and 6 months old, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics; before this time, an infant's digestive system isn't ready for solid foods

    And in fact has spoken out about adding cereal to bottle at all:
    The dangers of delivery of baby cereal in a Bottle

    Many parents have to add cereal to their babies bottles with the hope that the baby sleep better through the night, or because they feel the child is getting enough to eat less.
    If you have heard the statements, "adding cereal to your baby bottle and sleep for five hours" or "If your baby seems hungry or nurse ever desired, add cereal to the bottle," and we know that these are myths, not facts.
    Your baby is getting enough nourishment from breastMilk or formula for the first six months of life. In fact, many medical experts agree that introducing cereals before 4 months old can food allergies. Moreover, the addition of cereal to the baby-bottle is a bad idea. Period.
    Experts like Dr. Alan Greene, MD, believe that children sucking and swallowing actions are not fully coordinated in some, which can lead to problems with lungs, they may inhale small amounts of cereals, rice with theirLungs.
    What other dangers are there with the addition of cereal to a bottle? First, the child could very well on the road to obesity. The extra calories in the cereal itself is enough, eating too much Put your child. If your child aged 4 months, is more appropriate to introduce tablespoon of cereal to feed the baby through. This is not only to teach, learn to eat from a spoon, but allows that they rest in between and helpsChildren learn to eat properly.
    Well, what is your mother and your grandmother and her sister, and all those people who swear that cereal in a bottle is to help them sleep and stay satisfied? Dr. Alan Greene, MD, says: "I suspect, is the reason that children do not sleep a bit 'faster, and some children may even go a bit' more between feedings. There is no scientific evidence to say, however, that the support of cereal in the bottle will helpa child to increase or decrease in total sleep crying. "'
    The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends against feeding baby cereal from a bottle. The only time you feed a baby cereal in a bottle, if your pediatrician recommends to help with reflux.
    Obesity. Food allergies. Pulmonary problems. Poor eating habits. All these are reasons enough to avoid more to give your child a bottle of corn. They may be glad you did.
  7. It's normal to me, my own mom did this with me and my sisters when she saw that we just weren't getting enough from the milk which was probably a little before 8 weeks so she added some cereal to our formula. Also, I did this with the little boy whom I was a nanny too and he was quite content with the change and never had any problems with it. You dont add a ton just a scoop or so to make the formula a littler thicker so that way your baby will get a full, if he's wanting to eat every two hours at 8 weeks then he definitely wants something more so I agree with the Doc. on this one.
  8. If there's no reflux, it's not safe. I did it w/ one of my twins too . . . doesn't make it right. Looking back I wish I hadn't, although he had reflux.
  9. I did this for all of my kids.

    When my oldest (21) was born, it was normal to start a little rice cereal at 2 months and fruit around 3 months and keep adding from there. It worked so well, I personally saw no reason to change. All of my kids 21, 16, 10, almost 2 followed this schedule, they all are wonderful eaters (no picky eaters for us) and all slept through the night from about 2 months on. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but there is a fairly recent study showing the larger variety of foods kids are exposed to in the first 2 years the less picky there are later.

    I am aware that this flies in the face of current recommendations...but the way I look at it, this is the way babies were fed for 100's of years...and now it's so horrible for them? Also doctors change their mind all of the time, when my DS21 was born it was sleeping on tummy, only! only! only!...DS 16, side, only! only! only!...DS10, back, only! only! only!

    Also, is weight an issue? That could be why the doctor is suggesting it.
  10. ^ This. I feel the same way, there are a lot of conflicting things Doc. will say one thing while reports say another, while in 5 years things will change all over again. I strongly believe every baby is different and every parent is different with their comfort levels. So I second the thought of going with your instincts!
  11. I also started cereal with my LO early, at about 3 months. A tiny drop in his bottle and he loved it. My entire family has done it with all their children and I've done it with both of mine and none have ever had a problem. Every baby is different so you should follow your insticts. If you don't feel comfortable then perhaps you shouldn't.
  12. I would consider speaking with another doctor if you aren't comfortable with the advice you are getting from this one. Good luck!
  13. I disagree with cereal before 4-6 months. In the bottle especially. It is a choking hazard, can cause recurrent ear infections from the increased sucking, and can increase your child's risk for allergies. If you do research you will not find a single source that recommends cereal before 4 months or in a bottle. I agree with Fishfood, I would get a second opinion.
  14. I think that 8 weeks is too young for cereal even if it's in a bottle. He might just be going through a growth spurt and needing milk more often. It will balance out in the then, don't worry.

    That being said, my mom gave advice on putting cereal in his milk at 3 mths but I decided to wait till he's almost 5 mths instead.
  15. You know each Dr is going to tell you something different, that its okay or its not okay, but you have to do what you feel is right for your baby. I personally would not do something unless my dr said it was okay.