Is it too soon to ask for verdicts on '07 leather?

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  1. Feel free to weigh in, those lucky ducks who have gotten ahold of '07 bags...I'm really curious to hear the "official" descriptions of the leather especially in comparison with other years. Is it unique? Is it more like a past season's leather than a new feel? I am dying to know:P!
  2. I wish I could describe it to other years. I really love it. My bag doesn't have veins at all. its wonderfully yummy and smooshy. its perfect:girlsigh:
  3. I just received my 07 french blue city last night and it is soooo matte, smooshy/thick especially compared to the 06 which is the only other year I have to compare to. It crumples into a leathery ball of moosh when I set it down!! Nnnnooooooo veins at it!!
  4. WHat are the 07 colours and where would i be able to see what they look like? Also does BalNY have the new colours in?
  5. Does it feel really soft and silky or sort of dry?
  6. the leather is amazing!! no veins, and so smooshy!!!! balenciaga has most of the colors in...i saw the natural, marine, new red, grass green, vert d'eau, and the french blue yesterday...all were beautiful!! i wasn't that excited about the new colors from the swatches but irl they are amazing!!
  7. Did you see Oxblood by chance? Was wondering if it would be close to Grenat/Bordeaux...
  8. AUGH....just realized I was looking at the first batch of swatches...then Oxblood is an 06 color?
  9. ^^ yep, oxblood is '06 & it's TDF :love:
  10. indeed it is. i still have yet to make a trip to BalNY to check out the leather. i kinda like that it seems more matte but i like mine a little veiny too :hrmm:
  11. Thanks aaal....Is Oxblood just another name for Grenat/Bordeaux? Sorry to sound so clueless! :rolleyes:
  12. ^^yes, oxblood = grenat

    i saw 4 07 bags at my local shop and i didn't like the leather. VERY stiff (though that goes away quickly) and dry leather. but the sample size its small so this might not be represetative of the 07 batch as a whole
  13. the bags i saw at balenciaga were anything but stiff...they were more matte and so smooshy