Is it too pricey for a Miroir Pochette?

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  1. $959... For a Gold Miroir Pochette.. Do you think it's too overpriced???
  2. :yes:
    I wouldn't pay more than $750 for a miroir pochette.
  3. IMHO: Yes.
  4. I think that is way over priced.
  5. That's my opinion too... Actually, it's from let-trade.. It's too much! Even though shipping is already included.. I'm from HK and they're from HK too.. :/
  6. Heck yea!
  7. IMO anything miroir is overpriced
  8. I would pass. I am sure more will pop up.
  9. Yes, SO overpriced !!!
  10. Yeah I think it is.
  11. totally.
  12. Yeah. IMO I wouldn't pay retail for it. It's such a small bag. I'd only be able to fit my sidekick, and I have two cell phones! + other stuff.
  13. Yes. I have seen ones on eBay in the high $600s recently.
  14. yes. i feel that is overpriced.
  15. :wtf: