Is it too opremature to ask what everyone managed to haul during the presale so far?

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  1. I "think" I may get a baby animal scarf. Not very exciting, I know. So, let's hear about yours....
  2. Hahaha, not premature at all. Actually I'm curious to know too...
    I got a good haul:
    Gucci Canvas Horsebit flats (retail 410$) got it for $180!!
    I did break my ban, not really a pre-sale but
    I got the E/W Coral lambskin flap with gold hardware under the OLD PRICE of $1125, apparently past season items weren't affected by the price increase. Only the classic colors like black white, etc which is now $1550 for lambskin I believe?

    So it was a good deal!! :smile:
  3. pink caviar long wallet for sale price $430.00
    white lambskin evening pouch/purse $318.00
  4. no Chanel deals here..LOL

    BUT......I did manage to score 3 pairs of HOT DIOR shoes..heehee...and one Gucci Britt bag
  5. I'm so excited! I FINALLY snagged the denim multipocket tote from the 06 Luxe collection! Actually, I noticed it in the store a while back. All alone. Probably the only one in all of NM-land just waiting for me to adopt her. LOL. I had already tried her on and considered her perfect for me in size, and compared her with the large (and not XL) denim cabas (she didn't mind. She knew she had me at hello!). My only sticking point was the price. $1575. For denim? Ouch. Well, I told myself if she was still there after the sale was announced and she was marked down, it would definitely be a sign, so I waiting patiently, hoping no one else would scoop her up and no one did. The lovely SA I spoke to last week told me he thought she would be marked down and took my info. He finally called after looking through the list today and told me that she WAS going on sale! 30% off! SCORE! I gave him my info and now just have to wait 1 more week till he can ring the sale through and I can come take her home. I'm so excited! I have Chanel jewelry, accessories and shoes but this will actually be my first bag. And I'm so grateful to the wonderful SA that I will probably pick up another bag when I go to get my denim! Sorry for rambling! Had to share my joy!
  6. ^ aww yay! what a happy story! congrats!
  7. OMG how did u get those gucci flats for $180, can you pls share your SA, i'd love to get a pair too...and as for the e/w coral. i thought all fashion colors, even pink, brown, and whatever else were also affected. the only ones that escaped were the patents...anyways, WELL DONE!! i'm :drool:
  8. :yahoo::wlae: That's so awsome!!
  9. sounds good Jill! would love to see pix when u get them, beside Chanel, the only other purse brand that i'm still into is definitely only Gucci, for now.
  10. no chanels here either. i found a balenciaga whistle ($711) for my girlfriend and a pair of louboutin slingbacks in black for $314. not bad huh? i did see a silver chanel bowler (looks like the cloudy bundle) for under $1000. couldn't stop thinking about it after i got home. might just have to call my SA to throw it in with my other pre-sale stuff :smile:
  11. I'm lost, ladies! What presale? Where did you all manage to buy such great finds?!
  12. Nope! I'm getting a black Chanel "speedy" - which is what I call it. Here's a pic. Also getting a Prada rope tote with python detail and a little green Bottega Veneta purse that I can use as a cute little purse or the strap comes off and I can use it as a clutch. Here's my pre-sale pics from my rockin' SA! Sorry for the size.

  13. :drool::drool: the silver cloudy bundle is so pretty!!!! if that is the bag i'm thinking of. good luck! i hope it's still there when you call back.
  14. Maxter,

    Great buy, i've never seen that "speedy" before. I so wish i could be shopping these preslaes in person as supposed to over the phone, but i'm sure if that was to happen, i would end up buying so much more.
    btw, for some reason i am unable view your entire photo, it cuts off on the right side and my reply and quote buttons are missing too. is there anything i should do to adjust my screen?
  15. huh hum...i would like to proudly announce that i have secured a silver chanel "cloudy bundle like" bowler =) called back just now and the bag was still available. $977. yipee!! can't wait to pick up my goodies next week!! :yahoo::happydance: