Is it too much..???

  1. Hi~!

    May I ask your opinion...please????? Is it too much if you buy a shoulder Birkin and regular shape Birkin 35cm in the SAME color & leather? I initially passed it(birkin 35cm) since I have the same color and leather in shoulder Birkin, but it was my mistake that I saw it in person! It (birkin 35cm)gives you a different feeling & look from shoulder Birkin even though they are in the same color and the leather! But I am questioning....'IS IT TOO MUCH????...the same color and leather...but in just little bit different shape...???'

    As many of you know, I am a huge croc birkin lover:heart:, but I still can't just pass on pretty color Birkins...PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE! I need help!!!!!!!! PLEASE~~~~~~~~~! Thanks!
  2. I have many different styles and sizes all in black. I use them all. If you think you would use it, then I think it is a nice luxury to have different styles in a same beloved color.
  3. 2 very different styles.. so I say that it's not too much... ;)
  4. If you love the color and will wear it alot, then I think two different (very different) styles is not too much.
  5. Well, nope. My DH has a few belts that are exactly the same. He's kinda like Batman. I don't give him any grief about it at all. I just tell him if he sees anything he likes he should get more of it in case he can't find it anymore as he's picky. Hope that makes you feel better!

    You should get what you like instead of trying to fulfil some ideal of "what is right", or what is "value for money". You'll definitely get more use of the stuff that you really like, which justifies the purchase! Don't feel guilty! Especially when they are quite different bags.
  6. I am leaning towards it might be too much to have the same color and leather....:sad::sad: I might pass on it...

    BIG THANK YOU for your advice...!
  7. J, what color is the 35cm Birkin you're considering? That might make a difference in what others would advise.
  8. Exactly my thought...If it's black...might be a different story...than say...2 blue jean bags. Just my opinion though.
  9. I agree if its black then you should snatch it up, or perhaps another neutral color. BUT if it is bright pop color , maybe too much....
  10. I'd definitely go for it if I knew it's a colour/leather combo that will give me my money's worth. If you feel like you'll get to wear it lots and can afford it, why not?
  11. hmmm
    i think u already know the answer to your own question.
    if u can afford it, get them both.
  12. ^^^Yes!
  13. Definitely get it! :smile:
  14. It's Raisin color....Raisin in both shoulder Birkin and 35cm would be too much??? I have to be sure about my decision by tomorrow morning....
  15. i dont know aspen - both bags are serving diff. purpose. its up to you how much you love the raisin color on each bag!