Is it too much to get every bag in Black?

  1. Hi all, I am obsessed with black ... every bag I get or thinking of getting is black, my gfrens have been "objecting" in what I am doing...they say to get the money worth I should get bags in different colors so I can create diiferent looks with my wardrobe...

    Well, I am conservative when it comes to colors, and I feel "safe" and "confident" when I am in black, not sure if anyone of you understand what I am talking about.

    So while I have my black Loewe Nappa Aire/Balenciaga/Mulberry/..and many many....... all in black, I am in the pursuit for black baby cabas and reissue....:yahoo:
  2. I don't see anything wrong with that. It's just the way you are... very conservative :smile:
  3. If that's what you think, you cannot be wrong! :biggrin:
  4. black bags can be very versatile. i have the baby cabas and pst both in black and they are VERY different bags. i want to get a med or jumbo classic flag in black as well.
  5. Nothing wrong with that, especially when it makes you feel more safe and confident.
    So far the Chanel bags in my collection are also black, but I feel like adding a beige one to my collection for summer.

    Good luck with your hunt for the Cabas and reissue.
  6. You are so not alone. I have 4 black Chanel bags. Even though I want a white Chanel, I have a feeling my next one will end up being black. My only other color Chanel is my dark silver bowler. I wear a lot of black & I just love most Chanel bags in black. There's nothing wrong with that!
  7. If black works for you then go for it!
  8. im pretty much the same, im always drawn to black bags! dont worry about it, after all, you're the one buying the bags, not your friends-- if you're most comfortable with black then there's no harm sticking with it! :smile:
  9. I think Chanel bags in black are he classiest. I have 4 black Chanels and one chocolate brown and I always feel best when carrying the black ones.....
  10. ITA with everyone else! Definitely nothing wrong with it! I'm sure when you see the right bag, you may want to add that extra color to your collection.
  11. I think what matters is what makes you happy. if you feel confident and beautiful when carrying black bags , buy black.. It is better than buying color bags and never want to take it out.
  12. I love Black chanels, they are so classy, and easy to match!!!!
  13. Thanks soooo much for the supporting words......:yahoo:
  14. I'm the same way. Most of my Chanels are black as well. I have tried to diversify by going for colors, but they just sit in my closet. I think you should buy what you love, since you will be the one using them.
  15. All my bags are black! :yes: