Is it too much to ask for good service?

  1. Ok,

    I bought a purple metallic venetia bag from shopzoe about a week or so ago, and yesterday I got.

    I received it with glue on the bottom and some fibers on the glue. The bag also arrived with a little knick in one of the handles and completely unstuffed in it's dustbag and thrown into a beat up box. The bag looked wilted and under close inspection the stitches look like they're starting to pull on the leather. The bag is still beautiful and I only paid 650$ including tax, etc for a 1475$ bag but I was told it was in NEW condition. It also had no protectors on the metal parts, is that normal?
    Mind you, all this happened after I got charged and they didn't tell me if they would ship my bag for two days, they basically told me they would call me back twice without doing so and ME having to eventually push them to process my bag. On the Same day, I received a bag from thithi packed like I was some deep-pocket spender who always shops with her, a valued customer. I also got a bag from an eBay seller with great packaging and care given to the bag.

    My metallic purple venetia sits in my closet stuffed with all the paper thithi and the other seller sent to protect the bags they sent. Hopefully it will regain it's shape.

    I want to call management and talk to them and ask for an exchange or partial refund, so i can take the bag to my leather person for them to take care of the glue/ fibers and the knick on the handle.

    Question: Is this acceptable for a store to do this or am I being too picky???
  2. Wow, I'm sorry to hear that your Venetia isn't perfect! I'd be upset as well. That's still a lot of money for a bag, and it should be sent with care and in brand new condition. It sounds like a return that someone sent back to them after using it! I would take tons of pics. Call and speak to a manager, and hopefully they'll do the right thing and give you some compensation for it. Good luck!
  3. Wow! I'm so surprised you got that kind of service! I shop at Zoe all the time when I'm home in NJ and have never had problems with them.

    I definitely think that you should contact someone. It might even help if you take pictures of the problems.

    I think more and more nowadays, retailers don't take very much care with sending items. I had to return my original MJ Christy from because it came scratched and the dustbag looked like it rolled around in yarn remanants.

    Good luck...keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  4. Wow! When I ordered my Metallic Purple Stam it came packed well and stuffed to the seams! I agree with Thithi - sounds like you got someones return. I would definitely contact them and ask for some compensation.
  5. Yes, you are NOT being picky. I would call and talk to management as well. To pay anyhthing for a bag whether on sale or not, you deserve some CS. $650 still isn't "cheap".
  6. i called there yesterday, they want me to send the bag to be repaired and will pay for it, i spoke to the manager and the salesperson that packaged the bag. The salesperson was rude until i told her that i have no reason to fabricate anything, I said I got 2 bags ont he same day, both marc jacobs and that they were well packed and the only reason I purchased from them in the first place was cuz I heard about their "wonderful" service and good prices. I told her that I've bought 7 bags and I have bought bags from Neimans and other online stores and their stuff comes better packaged, heck I've bought from sellers on eBay that have sold me stuff for 5$ and it was packaged better. Anyway, I'll keep you posted, I like the bag so there's no way I'm returning it, I just don't want them to think they can do this and not get called on, I hope all the paper I stuffed it with will make it regain it's shape.

    thanks for your kind works and encouragement ladies!