Is it too much to ask for a Bal bag?

  1. Am I expecting too much from my guy? He refused to get me a Bal bag.

    I'm disappointed coz he was the one who asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day. When I told him a Bal city, he flatly refused. Then why ask in the 1st place?:yucky:
  2. Maybe it's out of his budget? Or maybe he just can't see himself spending so much money on a bag :smile:

    I have friends who are willing to spend lots of money on their cars, entertainment systems, holidays, gourmet food and wine etc, but when it comes to things like clothes, shoes and bags, they think it's a waste of money. Everyone has different priorities and different ways they like to spend their hard earned cash. Don't feel disappointed, you don't NEED him to buy it for you, right? We are all modern independent women now and can afford to buy our own bags, even if we don't have the cash up front we can always save!!

    Cheer up! :smile:
  3. i do think you asked a bit too much, he probably expected you'd asked for a more low budget gift or something :shrugs: I sometimes joke around with my bf, asking if he would buy me one, but he thinks it's not worth the money, he'd rather spend it on a weekendtrip for two
  4. what do you take your bf for, seriously? because he refused you a bbag, you're faulting him for asking you in the 1st place? what's your idea of a bf?
  5. Thanks. Guess sometimes I feel insecure and am afraid that I've doted on him too much. Just traded in my manual car for an automatic one so that he can use it during the weekends (He's one of the strange GUYs who doesn't drive a manual car). Now I'm committed to a 4 year loan and there goes my Bal dreams.
  6. I would normally not ask the SO for a bag since he thinks it is a waste to spend on bags. But I do have days when I ask but I would not expect him to say YES. If he does, it is a BONUS for me. :biggrin: I think most men are similar. They do splurge, just on other, gadgets etc... :shrugs: I am sure he dotes on you in many other ways, a can buy one yourself anytime!!! Jo_ee is right, even if you cannot now, you can always save for one.
  7. Thanks for your encouragment. Happy CNY:smile:
  8. Such harsh words. I'm shocked.
  9. Sparkle, you might try starting smaller with say, a coin purse?..I get my own bags, and as a 'starving artist' it takes me sometimes years, and I have yet to experience carrying a brand new Bbag, but I love my pre-loved for the must think very highly of him to do this, and perhaps in time your generosity will rub off on him?
  10. I agree with what some of the other girls have said, that he probably thinks that a Bbag is too expensive. (How about something smaller, then? A coin purse, wallet?) Don't worry too much about him flatly refusing. I'm sure he wants to get you a great gift. Have a happy Valentine's day! :tup:
  11. I think it depends on a lot of things - circumstances, budget, preferences. I agree that most guys wouldn't spend that much on a purse (for the same amount they could get you a nice piece of jewelry or take you on a nice trip). They probably don't see it as a romantic gesture either. Although my DH is happy to buy me bags, I never really ask him to (this is after 7 years of dating and 8 years of marriage). For things like these which I find to be my personal excesses - because in truth, who needs a $1000 bag?, I'd rather just save up and use my own money.

    Don't worry - I'm sure you'll have a fun valentines regardless.
  12. Happy CNY to you too!!! Well our men love us, they just show it in their own ways! :girlsigh:
  13. I would NEVER ask my boyfriend to buy me a Balenciaga LOL And my boyfriend would buy me one if I wanted one b/c he really likes them... but i dunno, it just seems wrong. i think i'd be put off if he ASKED me for a $995+ valentines day gift :p whereas it'd be different if i just went out on my own and bought him an expensive gift.

    but hey, now he knows what you want... and you never know, he may surprise you with one sometime!! :yes:
  14. Sorry, I'm so bad at acronyms. What's CNY?
  15. CNY is short for Chinese New Year. It is also called Lunar New Year & celebrated on the 1st day(7th Feb this year) of the first lunar month(ends on the 15th day) in the Chinese Calendar. :smile: