is it too much LV?

  1. I have a mono speedy and inside it a mono wallet ,a mono 4 ring keyring and a mono cles. Would it be too much LV ( what there's such a thing as too much LV?:p) if I buy a mono pouch and a mono agenda? Which means everything inside my bag would be LV. What do you guys think?
  2. No, Monogram is too classic and gorgeous. You can never get enough!

    Go on with your love for Monogram girl!
  3. Oh, excuse me.

    There can never be too much LV
  4. I can't imagine there ever being too much LV in a bag- as long as the bag has room, add more!
  5. Nope but just don't whip them all out at once lol.
  6. Lots of LV is just right, I say. :nuts: LOL

    Go for it --- I love looking at LV small accessories that are in my bag. They are such a treat to the eyes!!
  7. Everything in my bag is LV, just not all monogram. Right now I carry an Azur wallet, Damier mini pochette, Groom cles, and Monogram agenda.
  8. Too much LV? I've never heard of such thing! :p
  9. There is no such thing as too much LV!!!!! I have a mono koala wallet and a mono cles and I am getting a mono pochette tomorrow who knows I may even add more before the price increase on Wed.
  10. If you prefer the look of all mono, there's no problem! I personally find that mixing it up brings out the distinctiveness of each pattern - I like seeing Damier and Mono together, and contrasting materials such as canvas and leather. But it's your purse, and there's nothing more personal than what's in your bag! Besides, you're the only one who will see in it with any regularity, so that you love it is all that matters.
  11. Nope! I don't think you can overload on LV unless, of course, you deck yourself from head to toe in monogram!
  12. I agree, it's not too much! I am striving to have an LV-filled bag, actually. ;)
  13. Everything in my bag is LV.....even my sunglasses, however, I'm not into matching it all with my bag. If you love Mono, go for it. You can't go wrong with classic Monogram Canvas. :tup:
  14. if only we were all so lucky to have a bag filled w/nothing but lv ;) go for it.
  15. No such thing! :graucho: