is it too much logo?

  1. i was wondering if it's a bit too much of CC logo if i wear the CC crystal studded necklace and earrings together?

    i don't want to look tacky, so is it best to wear them seperately?
  2. hair up or down?
  3. If you're talking about the logo post earrings and the small logo crystal necklace, I think they look great together (and I'm not much of a logo person).
  4. I think they'd look ok together, depends on how big the necklace is tho
  5. I think it would look cute together, though I always wear my hair down, so the earrings I wear (especially studs) are never fully visible. :smile:

  6. I think it's a bit much, especially if the hair is up. Ultimately I think logos come down to personal preference though.
  7. try it out. if you feel awkward pull off the necklace.
  8. I think you could pull it off so long as you're not wearing a Chanel bag, sunglasses, etc.
  9. thanks for the input ladies...

    i usuallly wear my hair down, so the earrings would be partially covered since my hair is long

    i'll have to remember not to wear my chanel sunnies with the earrinigs tho, the CC's are much too close together.
  10. I would say less is more, UNLESS the rest of your outfit is classic but understated. Like a cashmere sweater w/ jeans. If you wear everything (like you mentioned the sunnies) I think it would be too much! I would be more likely to wear these casually rather than to the office but that's just MHO. Post Pics! I bet their CUTE!
  11. I had the stud earrings on today and i tried on the necklace. It's not too much logo. I was wearing formal black pants and white shirt with my hair up (my bangs sort of cover my ears a bit). In the end though..i chose to buy a tiffany pearl necklace instead :yahoo:
  12. Just got to try it all on. You'll know when you look in the mirror.
  13. i don't think its too much as long as you don't wear anything else logo at the same time.

    in general, i feel like two logos are fine, three or more veers towards tacky
  14. Only small,so yea i think you would get away with that easily!