Is it too "matchy" to have multiple accessories to match 1 bag?

  1. I wanted to know your opinion on matching accessories!

    Is it too much to have a skinny, wallet, wristlet, and bag in the same print?

    Is it too matchy if I use it all together? And is it not practical because then it basically will match only one bag and not any of my others?

    I want to get all the skinny, wallet, & wristlet in scribble to match my tote for my laptop.

    Should I go for something else that would match my other bags which include black pebbled leather, khaki sig, black, sig, and mahogany leather?



  2. I like to get accessories that coordinate, but not the same exact print, for myself. Like my chelsea satchel in parchment, it has mineral lining, so I got a mineral mini skinny and turnlock wristlet. That way they match, but not exact, KWIM?

    To each thier own though. Do you think it would bother you to have all the same print? Maybe pull a couple colors out of the scribble that you love and then buy accessories that match those colors, not the print.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do with it! :smile:
  3. No personally I dont think its too "matchy" but everyone has a different opinions on matching all that. I love to match but it doesnt bother me if my mini skinny doesnt match my bag although I perfer when it does.
  4. Personally I can never have too many things that match , I love to match ! :love::love::cutesy:I think they would look really cute all together
  5. I "try" to buy matching wallets to my new bags as I buy the bags...unless I already have a wallet that would match pretty well...for example, I bought the new denim sig stripe tote...and the matching wallet, but my new khaki/saddle Carly that just arrived TODAY goes w/ a wallet I have already that is khaki sig w/ camel and saddle trim! ETC..... I LOVE when they match!!! Just have fun w/ it!
  6. and BTW.....I LOVE the scribble print too!!!!!! GO FOR IT!!!!
  7. I'm not a fan of having a ton of matching accessories for one bag... it just looks too over the top IMO. At the most I'd go with something that coordinated with the bag as rethreads suggested. Plus it's more fun to have accessories in a variety of styles and prints :smile:
  8. I try to get accessories that will go with more than one bag, just in the interest of saving my bank account! I only use one wallet, but then I keep a good variety of mini skinnies and wristlets that all work with my collection. I'd probably match more if I could justify it as a college student! (Fight on!)
  9. That's a good point, maybe I should get a more neutral wallet, because I don't change wallets that often. Btw, are you a fellow Trojan? :tup:
  10. Everybody is different in this regard. I have one bag that everything matches for. The others, I don't mind that it's not matching, I like variety.
  11. I don't like matching everything. The most I've matched is a black pleated hobo wristlet with a white pleated hobo or gold/silver wristlet and mini skinny. Other than that I just buy the individual peices and they just go together on there own, I don't really have to think about buying things to go with other things.
  12. I love matchy! Of course I am totally OCD as well...
  13. I went for a red leather one-- it's easy to find no matter what bag I carry! And yes, a fellow Trojan! I like to think of the Coach Crimson color as "Cardinal" :yes:
  14. OH my! I always loved the Crimson stripe but I never thought about it like that!

    Haha it makes me love it even more! ;)

    Hmm now I am totally loving the idea of getting 3 crimson accessories! I wonder if those made it to the outlets...:idea:
  15. well, i love scribble too and think it is gorgeous, but i wouldnt want to od on it. after all, it is v summery. something more neutral for accessories might b better. but i m the kinda of person who likes to coordinate but not match, i never wear my earings and neclace sets together.