Is it too matchy matchy if I pair the GH gladiator sandals with a GH bag?

  1. I'm currently in the South of France and I'm wearing a lot of shorts and short dresses. I haven't tried this combo before because I'm afraid it'll look tacky! What do you think? I bought the sandals a couple of months ago. I also have the same sandals sans the studs. If so, which GH bag looks best with the GH gladiator sandals? Is it better to pair a GH bag with the sandals that are without the studs and vice-versa, meaning pairing the GH gladiator sandals with the RH bags or any other bag for that matter, which I always do?



  2. I LOVE both the sandals and the GH bags, but I would definitely wear them separately! So jealous that you're in France right now!
  3. WoWsers :nuts:... I haven't seen GH gladiator sandals before... are they heavy? In regards to wearing it w/ your GH bags... it may take away the focus from your Bbag if you wear the GH sandals as well & vice versa. I'd say pair your GH bags w/ the RH gladiator sandals.. and GH sandals w/ rh bags. Hope that didn't sound confusing. But post up some modeling pIcs.. I'd love to see how the GH Gladiator sandals look w/ Rh or Gh bags!
  4. so pretty! but i think it's always best to have only one focal point at at time. amazing collection! have a great time!
  5. It's not that heavy. It was a little discomforting at first - but you gotta sacrifice, no?
  6. I totally agree... ;)
  7. I would wear them together with a simple outfit, jeans and plain top or all black.
  8. I prefer to have one focal point or "blingy" item at a time. If my bag has some splash of color or GH, then I would prefer to keep my other items simple.
  9. I agree I would wear the GH sandals with RH bags, and the sandals without the hardware with your GH bags. So beautiful!
  10. i would wear them separately since your sandals has nickle hardware whilst your bags have the gold hardware.
  11. Wowee! Look at those sandals! I've never seen them before, they are definitely striking!

    I agree with the others, I would wear them separately from your GH bags. All are so lovely!
  12. No way!!!! I loved the studded flats! They're so versatile and gorgeous.

    They're fab enough to be worn with a trashbag and still look great IMO, but separate would be best.
  13. I'm with Gingerale. I'd wear them separately, but more because of hardware color than objections to shoes and bag both having hardware. I think if you were wearing a simple outfit, you could pull off both together.
  14. I agree with the others. Those sandals are HOT! However, either the sandals with the hardware should be the focal point or one of your lovely bags should be the focal point.