Is it too many to get more than one veneta?

  1. What do you think? So far out of all the BV handbag styles veneta is my favorite. I feel like getting one for each color!!! Well, for now I only have one perforated veneta in tan, just thinking will it be too much to get one or two more for the same style?
  2. I definitely don't think so. I think one of the greatest assets of BV is their range of amazing colors. I have the veneta in Limo and Noce and would definitely be up for more!

    Unless of course, there are other styles that you like, in which case, it might not be bad to switch it up a little.
  3. nope, I can relate. although I dont have a veneta yet, I am a total got-hooked-have-to-have-it-in-all-colours girl - and the veneta is my choisen one for BV for sure. also, whatever makes you happy in the end.
  4. The Veneta is such a classic I don't think you can go wrong with multiples in different colors. Just look at the ladies in the Chanel section with all of their beautiful classic flap bags in different colors! Hey, I am contemplating different color sloanes!
  5. if you really like the veneta, i`d go for another color as well. another size, another color and even another material make a bag look and feel so different!

    how about one of bv`s gorgeous seasonal colors now that you already have a neutral tone?
  6. NOPE! I plan on getting another Veneta as well. Let's put it this way: I have 3 Balenciaga Cities. Go for what works for you! :heart:
  7. I really think that it's okay to get Veneta in various colors. =)
  9. I don't see a problem with multiple colors of the same bag. I have one in black and another in ebano.
  10. Def not!!!

    If I could afford it, I would have a whole array of Venetas in a myriad of colours. For starters, Magnolia! Then Limo, and Noce... And def a couple of Maxis too! :graucho:
  11. I'll jump on the bandwagon and say I would totally buy more than one:tup:
  12. Definitely NOT too many. Heck, I was contemplating getting two identical chain bags (same color, same leather, same everything) a few days ago.:p
  13. If you find a style that you love visually and it works for you IRL, then it makes sense to me to have different colors of that style.
    I am so in love with my cabats, I'm thinking of just collecting them in more colors. I love the classic simplicity of this style!
  14. lemontart, if you find something you absolutely adore, i think it is absolutely fine to get it in more than one colour. like myindulgence said, she has more than one colour and she loves them all. its great you found a style you :heart: so much!!!!!