Is it too late?

  1. I really want to get the Jack and Lucie keychain, but it isn't on Eluxury.
    Am I too late to buy this?
    Was it just a limited edition item?
  2. There are two at the LV boutique in Charlotte
  3. I don't think it's too late,
    if you call 866 they can locate one for you
    or you could keep trying Elux cause i think they keep popping up on there !
    Good luck:smile:
  4. you should be to get it. call your local store, if they don't have one, they might be able to find a store that does.
  5. I agree with the others. I don't think it is too late either.

    Just call the 866 number and they will be able to locate one for you.
  6. I saw the jack and luck keychain on Eluxury last night. Just went to their site to check for you and it is not there right now, but keep checking their site, they do add it periodically.
  7. There are currently 20 left in the USA. You should call 1-866-louisvuitton and they will locate one for you. They are limited and once they are gone..they are gone. Good luck, I just picked up one yesterday.
  8. i envy you guys can get it in US still.... australia does not have the lovely keyring anymore!!
  9. Thank you eveyone!
    I called LV and they found an orange and white one for me in Charlotte.
    They are sending it out to me on Monday.
    I really appreciate all of your help.