Is it too late?

  1. This past Christmas my boyfriend purchased a "CHANEL" purse for me off of eBay. And now, 2 months later I came to the realization that it's a fake!
    Is it too late to do anything about it? I've been using it's not in any damaged condition. (for god's sake i thought it was real):shame:

    Just wondering if we can get the money back somehow and how i would go about doing so...
  2. How did he pay for it? Did he use a credit card? If so, he can call the credit card company to start a chargeback. I think it's too late for eBay and paypal to cover you. How did you find out it's fake?
  3. He paid for it through paypal so went through his credit card/debit card.

    I just kinda had a feeling considering that the purse came with the authenticity card but no authenticity tag inside the yeah that gave it well as asking some of the more knowledgable girls on here.
  4. jenarae,
    I know lorihmatthews has already told you what you need to know. Since the time is so close, I want to make sure and hope you have not missed the 60-day deadline.

    Double check the date when the listing ended to make sure no more than 60 days have passed. Here is a copy of the eBay buyers' protection rule:
    Step 1: Buyer opens a dispute.
    Buyers can open an Item Not Received or Significantly Not As Described dispute between 10 and 60 days after the transaction date (the date when the listing closes and the buyer commits to buying the item and the seller commits to selling it). When opening a dispute, the buyer indicates whether the item was not received or whether it was received but significantly not as described.

    As suggested by lorihmatttews, have your boyfriend call his credit card company to reverse charge ASAP. This is your best hope.
  5. I know because of a current situation that I am in, with eBay it does state "10-60 days" like other's have pointed out but ironically the limit for PayPal is only up to 45 days. So check it out....quick!!
  6. Oh, I hope it was a credit card he used... debit cards don't carry all the same perks like chargebacks on authenticity.