is it too late to get the mombasa?

  1. when the mombasa first came out half a decade ago. i fell in love, but never got it. i thought it was way too much for bag. this was also pre-tPF. i know the mombasa instantly became the "it" bag, back then. i still love the bag, do you guys think i should get it? or will it look too dated? how often do you guys use the mombasa?any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Everytime I see a woman with a Mombasa I think it's the classiest bag around. Partly it's the timeless chic thing, and partly it's just a great bag.
  3. Not at all... go for it. I have 2 and I love them both. Still wear them a lot and get loads of compliments everytime.
  4. The mombasa is a great bag. I just bought one yesterday! A lot of the Tom Ford era bags are still desirable, like the St. Tropez and the La Boheme, and of course the Mombasa.
  5. Great bag! It's a class act. I say go for it!
  6. I have a Mombasa that I only bought about a year or so ago. Whenever I carry the bag, I get lots of great compliments--people are intrigued by the handle or think I'm a total "fashionista" because I'm carrying an "iconic" bag. I think you should definitely go for it! I don't think it looks dated at all.
  7. the mombasa is a classic. Its unique, and stylish. I say go for it!
  8. i guess everyone is telling me to go for it, i'm going to save up for it!!
  9. I saw one in Paris last fall and it looked fabulous on the woman who was wearing it. I say its a classic. I have a horn bag that's from another designer and I always got lots of comments when I wore it.
  10. I just read a thread that it's in the Cabazon outlet. Would anyone know how much is it now, what colors are still available & if it's still in the outlet? I would love to have this classic piece too!:p
  11. [​IMG]

    just saw this pic yesterday - doesn't it look great worn in too?!!!!