is it too late to get the gold mirror papillon?

  1. my friend who bought the gold color mirror papillon like 2 months and she never get a chance to use it. she is willing to sell it to me in the original price, should i take it? will it be too late to buy it now? :wlae:
  2. The only way to get the miroir pap now is via eBay (or your friend) there are none left in stores
  3. Take it! There are no miroir paps left in the boutiques- just some keepalls and the occasional pochette.
  4. OOHH! I'd buy it! I don't think there are any left in stores!
    there are DEFINITELY none left in stores!
  6. but will it be too late to carry it around now since it has been out for a short while?
  7. Detinitely take it off of your friends' hands!
  8. oh miroir pap in the original price
    whatcha waiting for??? I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  9. LOL! I just called her and told her I'm going to take it. Wahooooooooo! Thanks for all the advise! :heart:
  10. sold out in stores. if your hand has it and is willing to sell you should go for it. otherwise eBay has a few.
  11. don't you gals think it is a one season bag?:idea:
  12. ^^Nope. It'll be great during any season. I'm loving carrying my Speedys lately, they're so shiny and gorgeous in the sun.
    Definitely buy your friend's if you get the chance.
  13. Metallics are still hot on the runway, it may be seasonal, but LV was really early and it will be "in style " for quite some time still.
  14. One thing I know is that eventually every style comes back in someday, so even if this bag goes out one day, hang on & it's be so sought after in the future at some point. You can't possibly go wrong buying this!
  15. Congratulations to you for getting the Gold Papillon.
    I have one, and each time I carry it, I received lots of compliments. Even strangers came up to me to ask where did I get it.

    They always commented that it is so pretty , unique and rare.

    I never felt so happy owning a bag.:wlae: