Is it too late to get a S/S Reissue?

  1. I really dont know how this works...but I want a purple or a navy reissue in a large size. I got a metallic bronze Cotton Club last year this time from the Chanel on Rodeo drive...I dont have a usual Chanel store because I travel full time all year...I will be in West Palm Beach next week, im in Scottsdale this week, and I'll be in LA the week after next..does anyone have a connection in any of those Chanel's that could get me on the list? I'd owe you big time.....big big time...

    Or how do I go about getting on a list?

    Sorry for being so naive this is sort of new to me...

    thanks ya'll for the help!!:heart:
  2. Call the stores ahead of time. See if they have any available in stock, if not ask to be put on the list, make sure to tell them you are serious and ready to buy.
  3. Call the stores and ask.

    The last I understand, Ave Montaigne has some metallics.

    Their phone number is +33 147 23 74 12.

    You can call and ask for the Accessories and Bags Department
    and a sales person will answer your call.
  4. BTW, I can't PM u
  5. Call my SA, Lisa Beck, at Saks Tampa. She can still get you on the list for a 226 Purple reissue or 228 Black or Navy Blue, if you want it. 813-371-5100. They're coming in this week I hear!
  6. Thanks!! How do I turn my PM's on, any idea?
  7. Hey guys...soo..I got on the waiting list for a purple reissue ...she said its almost as big as a jumbo..and it will cost alittle over 2600...which size would this be? Im pretty excited..she said they shipped today...also they recieved one in the store today but its waitlisted... :smile:
  8. ^ that's the "226" equivalent.
  9. Thanks...appreciate everyone's help...with the waiting list..if they call and I am out of town, is it possible to pay over the phone and have it shipped? I know I will be traveling some, and I dread getting the call and not being able to be in town to pick up the bag...
  10. I was just wondering....our of curiousity....

    A lot of people are on the waiting list for metallic purple, navy, or metallic black reissues....

    What about just plain black? Also, the plain black...what type of leather is it?? Sorry for being a bit clueless.:push: Is it distressed/or??

    Is it too late to get on the list for the black reissue in 227 with silver hw??
    btw, I believe the 227 size is $2850.....Is this correct?? If not $$$???

    So, from what I've read....Chanel only gets a certain number of bags in whatever colors/size they ordered for that particular store? Is this correct? So they're limited.., right?

    I read somewhere the S/S 2008 reissues were going to be released at a higher price, is this true?? If so, $$$?

    Anyone have pics of both black reissues--plain black, and metallic? THX!!

    Sorry for all the "?'s" :shame:
  11. ^anyone??
    The silver hw on the plain black reissue......Is it diluted/muted/pewter/vintage looking OR is it the shiny silver like on the classic flaps??

  12. $2850 USD = 227
    I know the leather used on reissues in calfskin.
    There is a thread somewhere on the matte black....I believe the thread starter was dokugaku? (brown and silver reissues)
    Chanel boutiques only get a limited number of certain colors and sizes, depending on what they have ordered so be prepared to call around!

    If you do a search or look in the reference library you should beable to find plenty of comparison pictures! :flowers:
  13. I dont think there is a plain black this season, the plain black w/gold hardware was released in very limited qty. for Fall 2007

    Do you mean this one??
  14. Yes there is a plain "crackled" black, black, purple, navy, silver, dk silver, gold, in the metallic and yellow and navy in the lambskin, and orange, white and black in the caviar, but not in all styles.
  15. the new 08 reissue plain "crackled" black has a shine/glazed to it w/dark silver hardware.