Is it too late to find medium eggplant muse 2 on sale?

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  1. Has anyone recently seen the eggplant muse 2? I would love to find one. There is a large on overstock but I feel it is too big for me as I am only 5'1. Any help would be appreciated.:smile:
  2. I just got one in last week from either the YSL store in Hawaii or Costa Mesa, California. Call those two stores, they had a few in stock on sale for $849. Its a great bag, perfect size for petite ladies (I'm 5'2)...
  3. #3 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Thanks so much for your quick reply meggankkg! I decided to call the YSL store in Houston first as the stores you recommended were not open yet. They did have the medium eggplant so I bought it! YEA! I am so excited! They still have a large eggplant on sale for $999.00.
    They just called me back to say they did not have the bag but would try other stores for me. I hope it works out!
  4. oooh, GL!
  5. Oh wow! Good luck with that!! I hope you get it! Its such a fabulous color!