Is it too late to find a Vert D'eau city?

  1. I never got on the waiting list for this bag, but I know I want it now.
    Is it still available anywhere?

    Is anybody waiting for one still? It seems like a couple of folks got theirs but not as many as I had expected. Is it because you aren't as thrilled with the color as you thought you'd be?
  2. I saw one at Neiman SF last week. It had been there since 2 weeks before that. It might still be there now! Ask for Peggy or Christine. :smile:
  3. Ooh! Thanks! Maybe I'll take a trip down there on my lunch break.
  4. Hmm. I wonder if its available at Aloha Rag or Bal NY. I'd rather not spend $105 in taxes...
  5. I want one in the first, is it still available?
  6. hey m, the color is fabulous IRL. I think it is a real sleeper color. it is not for everyone bc it is a light shade, but it has fabulous pop. :love: it is not blue at all and it is deeper than the old popular pistachio. simply gorgeous.
  7. I have seen the one in SF neiman, make sure you check out the handles for some reason i notices that the handles color seem lighter than the rest of the bag.
  8. thanks for the heads up! i didn't get a chance to go down there this afternoon but hopefully tomorrow.