Is it too late to buy PNY wallet now? please help!

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  1. I really want to get PNY wallet in black. I was wondering if it's impossible to get now. If they are still in the stores, which store did ladies see? Please help me...I'm dying to get one...:crybaby:
  2. I know it's not black, but I just saw a bronze one at NM Newport Beach for $545. Gorgeous! Please call 949-759-1900, ask for Chanel Boutique, and Cynthia Smith. Please tell her Lani sent you.
  3. I got a black one earlier this summer from Chanel in Chicago.. the boutiques may still have some I'd call & check.
  4. I know there were at least some black ones in the system as of a couple months ago. You should call and have a SA check the computer. If you don't have a SA, try my SA, Indra, at 1-703-847-0555 at the Tyson's Corner, VA, boutique.
  5. I got a white one a month or so ago and was told it was the last (white) one in the "sytem." But you should definitely call the boutique and have them check. The gold one is smaller, but really pretty.
  6. oh, thanks ladies for your it is somewhat possible to get it right? yay!!! I have to start my research now...thank you, thank you very much ladies!!! :tup:
  7. call the boutiques Neimans and chanel.they dont always have them on display, but there system usually can tell you where to go.
    I bought mine from chanel at tysons corner
    went i went to leave through Neimans- they checked for me and found a bunch- but that was a bout 2 -3 months ago
  8. ^I agree, you have to check the different department stores (Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc) and ask each to check their systems if their are any available. The Chanel boutique inventory is separate from the department store inventory, so just because Chanel boutiques are sold out worldwide, doesn't mean the department stores don't have any.

    I had my cousin pick up a black PNY for me from France about a month ago while she was there for a long trip. She just mailed it to me earlier this week and I love it!

    There's still hope. :yes: