Is it too late?!? Reissue question.

  1. I was just wondering if it is too late to get on the waiting list for a purple or navy reissue 2.55 in medium size.

    At first the SA told me there was going to be three in but now there is only going to be one piece in and I'm second on the list. :crybaby:

    I really want either bags but I don't know what to do now. Should I wait and see if the first person doesn't want it or try to get on another list know there are like 20 ladies ahead of me already.

    This is a very sad day ....
  2. Call and get on as many lists as you can. There's no reason why you can't be on more than one list.

    Good luck.:tup:
  3. It's def not to late. There have been several times where SA's laugh in my face about a hard to get bag, but I always end up with it:p Get your name on several waiting lists then sit and wait for the call- it will come if you want it bad enough.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement but I tried so many places already today and they were like yeah we're only get "X" number of pieces and there are like bazillion people on the list already! My local store was being all snobby about it and said people put their list like last year (in the spring/summer) when they saw the look book (I thought the look book just came out recently?).

    Should I still try to get on a list with like 20 people in front of me, knowing its like a shoot in the dark for the bag?

    Smoothoprter: I saw your purple reissue and it just makes me want the bag even more! Its TDF! Can't wait to see your navy one!
  5. Call different stores and find the one with the short list. I would not get on a list that already had 20 people ahead of me.
  6. Try Jason at the Bellagio...I'm already on the list for a blue one!
  7. I would. Last year when the caviar red jumbo with new chain came out I was first on the list and I passed b/c I thought I wanted the tote. Well, of course I changed my mind and every SA said I would never find one, but I didn't listen. I ended up getting like 3 calls for the bag and now it's mine! Don't give up especially since the bag still hasen't really started hitting stores yet. Are you looking for the 226 or the 227?
  8. South: I'm looking for the 226. Do you know if someone returns the bag because they changed their mind and you're on the list they will give it to the next one there? Someone told me they weren't going to reorder the reissues in.

    Photomj: I'll try to call the Bellagio today about the bag. I called the Wynn yesterday and they said they were gonna get 4 pieces in but 20 people are already on the list!
  9. PM Sent! Good luck!
  10. PM me, maybe I can help. My name is still #1 on the list for the 226 purple metallic reissue at my favorite boutique. I don't plan on getting the 226, since the 227 suits me perfectly.
  11. I think you will have better luck with the 226. I spoke to my SA today and she said it seems that the 227 is the most popular size because they are only getting a few, but all SAs were taking customers' names at the same time. So the store decided to do a raffle and randomly picked a few lucky customers to whom they will sell the 227 size to......of course I am not one of the lucky customers so I am pretty sad....BUT it sounds like you will have more lluck with a 226 size. Good luck.
  12. Mon,

    I have put my name under Nordies for metallic purple 227 (same as the one u got!), and my SA said she still won't know if Nordies will be getting any purple yet. May I know your SA contacts as I am desperately in love with the purple 227. It is such a gorgeous bag!

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Sure, but so many people have asked me this already and I'm sure the list is 10 pages long by now.

    It's Brendan at the Chanel on East 57th Street in NYC. 212-355-5050
  14. Dear Javaboo
    I think the waitlist in NM at New Port Beach, CA isn't long. Just call up my SA Cynthia Smith at Chanel handbags. Please let her know that you are Beverly's friend, she will take very good care of you. Good luck
  15. Do you mean the Bellagio in Vegas?
    I am going to L.A and Vegas soon. Where will I find the best selection?