Is it too late for med. luxe bowler in black? &

  1. What is the size difference between the med. and large?
  2. I'd like to know as well! Hopefully someone who knows will come along!
  3. Is this the bag with a chain on its perimeter?? I saw one today in toronto. Either bloor or holt renfrew.
  4. oh. just checked the reference thread. The one I saw was a small. but it's quite large to me.
  5. I haven't seen one since last summer.
    The medium is the one you see Mischa Barton carrying everywhere.
    The Medium is the perfect size IMO, the large is almost more like a weekender.
  6. Anyone seen this bag in the denim? Is it still available anywhere? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, I ordered the large only because I felt like I finally found something but now I'm thinking I really want the med. Is the patent new for spring? Sorry, I'm a Chanel newbie. Is it possible to get one?