is it too good to be true?

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  1. I'm looking to buy my first dior handbag and I'm in love with the gaucho. Unfortunately i dont have 1000++ for the bag at the eBay is the next choice. I found a few sellers and was wondering if someone could check the links and tell me if any of the bags are real.

    first: black gaucho

    second: white gaucho

    third link: a red gaucho

    i think this one is too good to be true: another black

    and the last one: another black one

    thank you!:tup:
  2. I think they are all fake, but the first link doesn't work for me

    you should ask in the "authenticate this" thread :] otherwise the mods get annoyed lol
  3. no links to eBay please.
  4. Hello again....

    I took a look at all of them (the first link wouldn't work...), but all of the others appear to be fake! So sorry, keep looking as there is nothing like the real thing. best wishes! :flowers:
  5. Why don't you check out the dior outlet coz gauco bags are 50% off from the boutique store price Im sure they have under $1000 bag on it... Try browsing the dior outlet thread. Goodluck I hope you could get the bag of your choice.:smile:
  6. Thank you for your help everyone! I'm new to this, I just realized I shoulda posted in the authenticate this thread, but thank you!

    Beautifulbasics: the guide you sent me is great! thank you so much!
  7. I'm so weary to purchase a designer bag from Ebay since my sister got ripped off buying one a couple years ago. The bag she paid 950.00 turned out being a fake and she had a hard time getting her refund. I agree with the other posters suggestions:smile:
  8. I totally understand and agree and because of beautifulbasics guide i'm floored as to how many people sell fake bags. maybe a handful of the people selling the gaucho's are selling authentic ones:tdown:
  9. there's a dior outlet? do you mind sharing info on it?:love:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.