is it too flashy/tacky for a 25yr old to wear a rolex?

  1. so my dad gave me his old rolex, that i've been eyeing since i was like 12. i love, love the watch. i just feel so self conscious about wearing such a fancy watch. i personally don't think it is flashy at all. the watch itself is a very simple ss mens rolex. no diamonds. no gold. just a nice vintage rolex. but i could see how someone else might think it is too flashy for such a young person (i'm 25yrs). i would hate to be labeled as 'spolied, snobby, rich girl' at church, work, or other social arenas.

    i always seem to get annoyed when i see young people with expensive designer items. i'm new to the work field, and if i was a manager and my subordinate wore a more expensive watch then me, i think that would sort of make me feel uncomfortable.

    what do you guys think? i especially want to hear from you guys that are older then me, 25yr+.

    many thanks in advance!
  2. i think you're one lucky girl...and you shouldn't worry about the watch being too flashy...especially since its all steel...i'm sure it looks good on you.
  3. I got my first Rolex at 21- it was a ladies stainless and gold. I loved it and wore it for many years. I think it's awesome for you and if you are uncomfortable wearing it at work, pick a different one and wear this when you go out or are with friends. I think that you shouldn't worry about what people think and wear it with pride!
    I wish I had a cool watch from a cool dad!
    PS. I'm still wearing Rolex, only different ones now!
  4. Your father gave it to you and you shouldn't care what others say. If you were the type that showed off (lookie I got a Rolex)Then yeah I would be annoyed but it seems you're humble and got a good head on your shoulders so wear it with pride. I bet you your dad would be very happy that you wore the watch, I would be if I gave my daughter a gift and she wore it all the time.
  5. It's a gift from your dad, that's special.
    Becuase it's steel it won't look tacky at all so enjoy wearing and take good care of it:smile:

  6. That bothers me a bit as well.. kids with coach.. *shivers* but at 25 your an adult so it should be fine. Plus you are in love with it so why not enjoy it!
  7. My sisters got their Rolex watches at 12 and 15.. that was like 15 years ago.. and they still wear their watches.. So you're def. not young to wear a Rolex at this age..

    Its a classic! :tup:

    If you feel bad about wearing it for work then wear it for shopping.. :graucho:

  8. i got my first rolex at 21. and i am now 24 yrs. old:p and have 2 rolex watches:love: and no i dnt find it tacky at all!:nogood:

    you're lucky to have a very thoughtful father:tup: you should cherish and use it!;) congrats!
  9. I also got one from my dad when i turned 21. It was also his old one and I did wear it for awhile. Most of my friends wear nice watches like Tag, Cartier and Rolex anyway so it didn't seem odd to me. However, i got an 'upgrade' last year and wear a white face Panerai now. It's actually more discreet because my dad's old one was steel and gold but now the one I wear is more plain.

    Also, I have a Marc Jacobs watch that I wear for occasions when I don't want to be too 'flashy', i.e. job interviews and such.
  10. I think 25 is old enough to wear a Rolex- you're an adult! Since it's all steel I don't think it's flashy either. Wear it with pride- you have an awesome dad!
  11. Nope, I dont think you are too young. It was a gift, and you should wear it happily. Who cares what other people think? My sister in law got her rolex for her 21st birthday as well, and i've never thought of her watch as being tacky or flashy.
  12. I think the watch sounds beautiful. You will probably get used to it after you wear it awhile. No diamonds, ect. it sound perfectly classic and appropriate for you. If anyone comments on it you can mention it's heritage (from you dad). That just adds to it.
  13. No, not at all.
  14. The watch has sentimental value, so I see no reason to not wear it with pride. If anyone asks, you can tell them you have a loving, generous dad who passed it down to you. No one is going to fault you for that.

    If you had maxed out credit cards to buy it, that would be another story.

    P.S. I just got my first stainless Rolex at 39 and I am enamored with it. So I understand!
  15. congratulations! your daddy is so thoughtful and sweet. i do not think it is tacky at all! it is obviously a wonderful gift w/ great sentimental value. you should treasure it and wear w/ pride! my parents gave my husband and i a set of matching rolex when we got married (i was 22 then..24 now) and i wear it when i think my outfit requires was never a "watch" person, thats why, but no, i do not think it is tacky at all!

    congrats again!